140 square meters house decoration budget list 140 square meters house decoration budget table

It is indeed a very important thing to determine the decoration budget before the design of the decoration. The decoration budget directly determines the approximate cost of the overall renovation project. If your own decoration budget is not sufficient, it also means that you must be reasonable. To control the renovation budget, it is also necessary to increase the overall cost-effectiveness of the renovation. Then Xiao Bian will introduce the 140 square meter house decoration budget list , hoping to help everyone.

First, 140 square meters decoration budget list matters needing attention:

1, determine the decoration company charges

In order to be able to determine the 140 square meters of decoration budget proposal, we must be able to understand the different fitting company's fee standards, because the decoration company's charges can be determined to understand the entire industry's positioning and pricing.

2. Understand the construction difficulty of the family pattern

The construction difficulty of home decoration also determines the price positioning of the decoration company, and it will also have a certain impact on the overall renovation construction cost. If the construction is very difficult, the construction period will definitely be a little longer, not only that the construction labor cost needs to be improved, but also For the decoration company's engineering management fees also need to increase.

3, determine the decoration style of building materials demand

In choosing the style of decoration, in addition to the need to determine the difficulty and features of the decoration, we also need to understand the decoration style for the building materials needs, so we suggest that we must be reasonable choice of decoration style can not only achieve good decoration effect but also can control budget.

140 square meters decoration budget list:

1, the wall base treatment, estimated at 3 yuan per square meter.

2, wall paint paint, wall lining plus high-grade paint, 27 yuan per square meter; putty plus ordinary paint, 18 yuan per square meter.

3, about 95 yuan per square meter of floor tiles.

5, kitchen bathroom wall tiles about 75 yuan per square meter.

6, bathroom equipment is about 2500 yuan each.

7, kitchen cabinets cost about 950 yuan per meter.

8, ceiling aluminum buckle plate 1.0 thick per square meter 85 yuan, 10 yuan per meter edge (less than 1 meter by 1 meter)

9, balcony wall tiles 60 yuan per square meter.

10, balcony hangers each set about 230 yuan, the installer received a single 10 yuan, the total price of 240 yuan.

Note: This price is only for the 140 square meter house decoration budget list as a reference! Due to different regions, of course, the price will be different. For more details on prices, please check with your local dealer.

Editor's summary: The above is the entire contents of the 140-square-meter house renovation budget list that Xiaobian introduced to everyone. After reading the above introduction, we have more understanding of the 140-square-meter decoration budget, and we hope to help everyone. Oh!

140 square meters house decoration budget list

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