3 square meters cloakroom decoration Raiders cloakroom decoration should pay attention to what

When people are decorating their own bedroom, they will leave a small space as a cloakroom. Especially for those female friends who love beauty, even if they are only 3 square meters in size, they can be placed in neatly arranged wardrobes for those who love beauty. Satisfaction, then 3 square meters cloakroom decoration Raiders is what, what should pay attention to the cloakroom renovation, the following article will give you a brief introduction.

3 square meters cloakroom decoration Raiders 1: There must be ideas before design

Before decorating the design, it is best to have a delusion on your cloakroom, such as whether the cloakroom needs makeup, or whether it is also a storage room, etc. The classification of clothes also needs to be considered well, and the positions of different clothes should be clearly distinguished. Can design the size of each part of the size.

3 square meters cloakroom decoration Raiders II: seesaw division learning

3 square meters cloakroom baffle needs to be reasonable, the best calculation of the size of all divided objects, such as length, weight, etc., before the seesaw plate segmentation, which clothes are more commonly used, which clothes are not commonly used, which clothes are suitable for the above, which clothes It is suitable for being placed below, etc. These are all to be considered before splitting the seesaw.

3 square meters of cloakroom decoration Raiders three: lighting settings are stress

If you want to arrange light tones in the cloakroom, you need to blend the lighting with the interior style perfectly, and you need to maintain your own atmosphere. In the choice of lighting, it is best to choose a light color that is close to nature, so as to make the color of the clothes It looks normal.

3 square meters cloakroom decoration Raiders 4: cloakroom environmental protection can not be ignored

The cloakroom is a relatively closed environment, so the environmental performance is very important. When the user customizes the cloakroom, it is best to submit the test report of the used plate to the manufacturer.

3 square meters of cloakroom decoration Raiders five: do not be fooled in the choice of hardware

The hardware is an important part of the cloakroom and it is related to the quality of the cloakroom. Therefore, on the purchase of hardware, do not be greedy and cheap, otherwise it will be quite troublesome to repair the gas.

What should pay attention to the cloakroom decoration?

1. Use space as much as possible

Regardless of the size of your cloakroom, the size of the space needs to be fully utilized in the decoration of your cloakroom. It is necessary to make reasonable plans for the cloak room and make your cloakroom more beautiful.

2, do a good job of dust prevention

If your cloakroom uses a doorless wardrobe design, although the appearance looks good, but the dustproof performance is relatively poor, we need to prepare the appropriate dust-proof measures in daily use.

Article Summary: The above is about 3 square meters cloakroom decoration Raiders and cloakroom decoration to pay attention to what related to the introduction, hoping to give some help to those who want to renovate the cloakroom, 3 square meters cloakroom is to make it look small, but as long as carefully designed, Can also create a good effect.


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