8 IKEA Styles Create a Small Private Corner

8 IKEA Styles Create a Small Private Corner

Whether sewing cushions, drawing or collecting stamps, everyone needs space to do their own thing. All you need is a large table, a well-equipped cabinet with a little inspiration, and a bold combination to meet your needs.

IKEA Style IKEA PS 2012 Stool

Name:IKEA PS 2012 Stool

Diameter of seat: 35 centimeters

Width: 37 cm

Height: 65 cm

Designer: Lisa Norinder

Price: 299.00 yuan

Recommended reason: can be stacked, save space when not in use. [Click to buy] .z_ArticleChange{ border:3px solid #f4f4f4; height:210px; width:580px; margin:10px auto; padding-left:10px; font-size:12px; color:#666 !important;} .z_ArticleChange a { border-bottom:none !important;} .z_ArticleChange dt{ font-size:16px; font-weight:700; color:#333; line-height:40px;} .z_ArticleChange dd{ padding-left:215px; Relative; *zoom:1;} .z_ArticleChange dd h4{ font-size:14px; font-weight:700;} .z_ArticleChange dd h4 a{ color:#666 !important;} .z_ArticleChange dd h4 a:hover{ color: #a40000 !important; text-decoration:underline !important;} .z_ArticleChange dd p{ text-indent:0 !important; padding:0 !important;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleProPic{ display:block; width:205px; height:155px Margin: 0 !important; position:absolute; top:0; left:0:} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleProAdd{ color:#999;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleMallPrice i{ font:700 24px Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; color :#f00;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleMarketPrice i{ text-decoration:line-through;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleTotalBox{ padding:5px 0;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleSoldTotal{ float:left; line-height:14px; margin-right:30px;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleSoldTotal i{ font-weight:700; color:#a97c2b; } .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleCommentCode{ float:left; height:14px; line-height:14px;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleCommentCode i{ float:left;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleCommentStar, .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleCommentStar b{ float:left; display:block ;width:70px; height:14px;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleCommentStar{ background:url(http://ued.qeeka.com/image/zixun/star_none.png) no-repeat;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleCommentStar b{ float: Left; background:url(http://ued.qeeka.com/image/zixun/star_all.png) no-repeat; width:80%;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleProList{ height:24px; margin-top:10px;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleProList a{ display:block; float:left; height:24px; line-height:22px; background:url(http://ued.qeeka.com/image/zixun/z_Articlecon.png) no-repeat; Text-align:center; } .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleProList .z_ArticleProBuy{ background-position:0 0; width:80px; margin-right:10px; color:#fff !important;} .z_ArticleChange .z_ArticleProList .z_ArticleProMore{ background-position:0 -24px; width: 120px; color:#793f10 !important;}

Products that may be of interest to you Yiheng Yijia style dining table and chair black white mesh pattern crocodile pattern CT-2001

Mall price: 200 yuan/Zhang

Market price: 400 yuan / Zhang

Sold: 244
Product Rating:★★★★★

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