90 projects including nano-super hard coating are included in Shunde 2012 Science and Technology Plan

On September 3, the website of the District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau announced the Shunde District 2012 Science and Technology Plan Project. After the application and expert review, 90 projects including “Flat Water-based Sealing Primer for Fibreboard” of Foshan Bangli De Waterborne Coating Co., Ltd. were selected. It can apply for a maximum of 1.5 million yuan for major science and technology projects. According to the results of the review, the selected projects include the water-based sealing primer for the fiberboard of Bangliide Waterborne Coating Co., Ltd., the development of high-performance ion plating technology of Miloc Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and the application and promotion of nano-super hard coating products, and the high-grade air conditioning equipment of Shunde District. Co., Ltd. All-weather evaporative condenser chiller research and development and industrialization. It is understood that in order to speed up industrial transformation and upgrading, enhance the technological innovation capability of enterprises, and promote the development of high-tech industries, in April this year, Shunde Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau issued the "Notice of Organizing the Application for Shunde District Science and Technology Plan in 2012". The annual science and technology plan includes major technologies. There are two types of project technology guiding projects. Its major science and technology projects are based on the key technological breakthroughs in the strategic emerging emerging industries of Shunde's pillar industries, and focus on promoting the development of home appliances, CNC equipment, and new materials LED emerging industries. The Science and Technology Plan Guidance Project is aimed at general comprehensive projects in the Shunde area, including industries, agriculture, energy conservation and environmental protection technologies, and social development research. According to the "Notice", the reporting unit must establish a sound financial management system and ensure that there is sufficient self-raised funds to support the investment. The ratio of project self-raised funds and application funds is not less than 3:1. The application for each major science and technology project does not exceed 1.5 million. Yuan, the application for each technology guiding project does not exceed 200,000 yuan. The project has a two-year implementation period and must meet various technical and economic acceptance criteria after completion.

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