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Bearing grinding processing skills analysis

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-12-10

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The key factors that can maximize the grinding function of the grinding wheel are good shaping and sharpening (known as trimming) and skillful trimming tips. This is very important; because the workshop can not be operated according to each person; equipped with special grinding wheels. In fact; an operator with high-quality trimmings and a mastery of the grinding wheel tips; always insists that the grinding wheel has a high grinding function. Instead of relying solely on the so-called good grinding wheel.
Adopting micro-trimming Most cylindrical grinding machines place the parts and grinding wheels on a horizontal line. For grinding wheels for internal grinding machines; trimming the diamonds to the highest point of the outer circle of the grinding wheel (ie, the part/grinding point when grinding holes) This is even more important. The highest point of the outer circle of the part and the highest point of the outer circle of the grinding wheel are called parts/wheel touch points; diamond trimming should be able to trim the grinding wheel at the touch point of the part/wheel.
Shaping can be said to be part of the preparation of the grinding wheel; it is carried out together with the sharpening of the usual grinding wheel. In the grinding with superabrasive grinding wheel; shaping is done with plastic or roller; sharpening is often done with a ceramic bond. Rod; after the plastic surgery is completed; the grinding wheel is sharpened. About the super-hard abrasive wheel; the two processes are separated; the first is to shape the grinding wheel.
Use a single point to trim things; the diameter of the grinding wheel should be touched with a 10-15o axial line skew angle. The multi-touch trimming does not require skewing of the viewpoint. Instead, use the entire end face of the trimming object to touch the surface of the grinding wheel. This will cause a single point to trim things at a timed transition; a sharpening effect occurs.
The sharpening is a sharp process of grinding the abrasive grains of the super-hard abrasive grinding wheel. In this process, the bonding agent between the abrasive grains and the blunt grinding wheel abrasive particles need to be removed; The grinding wheel is excellent in bonding agent; it forms a sharp cutting edge. It is also necessary to remove the fine material from the outer surface of the grinding wheel; to prevent the grinding force from increasing on the grinding wheel; the grinding force on the grinding wheel is increased. Large; will cause oscillations and form parts to burn.
There is no proper sharpening; even the best grinding wheels are not able to achieve high quality and dimensional consistency of the machined parts. In fact; when you fund a high quality grinding wheel; in order to achieve a high grinding function; They are very important.
The best dressing amount is after several repairs; it can not only recover the shape of the grinding wheel; but also the principle of outstanding grinding edge.
In order to reduce the finishing time; it seems that there is always a kind of lure to choose a large depth of repair. It is necessary to select the most suitable depth of repair to trim the grinding wheel. Pick too much repair depth; high cutting temperature will occur; Cut the service life of the dresser; cut off the useful wheel layer. The end result is damage to both the dresser and the grinding wheel; the seedling encourages it. This is an extreme fault.
Because the diamond shaper itself is a tool; it needs to be very sharp. The number of rotations can be determined according to the condition of the dressing; according to the experience; at least once a day. Use a blunt trimming to trim the surface of the wheel; it will make the wheel blunt. About chisel heads and molded trims; usually need to rotate 180° before they are blunt. In order to adhere to a high-quality and sharp diamond trim; every certain moment; need 1/8 turn to rotate a single point or belt Cone tip trimming things.
Before the grinding wheel contains shaping and sharpening, it is important to ensure that the spindle bearing is at a certain temperature (such as the normal grinding condition of the grinding wheel). It is necessary to be careful about the handling of the dressing; since it is usually hard, Made of hard-wearing but brittle diamond material; it is very sensitive to small bumps and forces caused by small cracks and breakage. This prevents damage to the shape of the parts and the abnormal wear of the grinding wheel and trimming.

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