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Baby does not love to eat, is it natural to naughty Mody, to the baby choose a children's table, so that the baby drink milk, eat food supplements are sitting inside, not only prevents the baby tamper with the reluctant to eat, but also reduces the parents Holding the burden of feeding, today Xiao Bian took everyone to see the price of children's dining tables and chairs, children's table and chair pictures.

Product Name: Good Kids Children's Dinette

Product features: with tray, foldable, height adjustable, with seat belt, portable

Product Material: Metal

Commodity reference price: ¥ 599.00 Jingdong Price: ¥ 399.00

Product Name: Aisi Boyer Dining Table and Chair

Product features: with tray, height adjustable, with safety belt

Product material: wood

Product reference price ¥580.00 Jingdong price: ¥460.00

Product Name: Child Baby Dining Table and Chair

Product features: with plate, can be combined, with seat belts, portable

Product material: wood

Product Reference Price: ¥258.00 Jingdong Price: ¥188.00

Product Name: Tongjia Beibei Children's Dinette

Product features: with plate

Commodity material: plastic

Commodity reference price: ¥ 186.00 Jingdong Price: ¥ 138.00

Product Name: A+B1819 children's table and chairs folding table

Product features: with tray, foldable, with seat belts, portable

Commodity material: plastic

Product Reference Price: ¥268.00 Jingdong Price: ¥169.00

Are these children's tables and chairs enough to be cute enough? Believe that your baby is sitting in such children's dinning table and chairs will be more secure and more love to eat. Specific dinette prices may be slightly different from the actual, after the online comparison to go to the physical store to buy it.

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