CLB asphalt pump product description

Hebei Chunda Industrial Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. first developed a CLB-100 asphalt pump (which contains the CLB-50 asphalt pump). CLB asphalt pump is rotary, mainly by the pump body, base, drive gear, driven gear and safety valve body and other components. The drive shaft is supported by an additional oil-filled bushing, which is supplemented with HG-24 saturated cylinder oil lubrication via a grease cup. Both sides of the pump are equipped with a conical pipe thread connector to connect the inlet pipe. The taper pin is internally threaded for easy disassembly. The seal pad is also used to adjust the gear axial gap, the gap is defined as a one-way between 0.05-0.08mm. There are four holes in the lower part of the base for installation. The pump is equipped with safety valve. The working pressure has been set to 1 + 0.05Mpa and sealed by the factory. Work, the media into the suction chamber, through the rotation of the gear press medium into the drainage chamber and out. Adjust the handwheel can change the output flow, when the handwheel is rotated to the right, the safety valve is top open, the pump loses the output pressure and stops the liquid discharge; when the handwheel is rotated to the left, the safety valve is restored and the medium is output normally. Mainly used for pumping, conveying and spraying high temperature bitumen (residue) liquid, the most suitable for roads and squares and other construction works of asphalt (residue) spraying operations, but also at room temperature for suction, delivery of non High volatility, low flash point of petroleum products, such as all kinds of motor oil, heavy oil and other machinery.