Cold winter approaching northern paint manufacturers don't "hibernate"

In communication with many latex paint and paint manufacturers, Zhuo Chuangxin analysts discovered that any paint factory in the north would shut down the entire plant as soon as it entered the winter. Some manufacturers in the Jincha area have even stopped work. The traditional practice in the production of water-based paints such as latex paints is that, once winter arrives, the original factory in the north will have a full holiday and workers will return home to close the factory. Of course, this is determined by the nature of the waterborne coating product.

Water-based paint products have unparalleled advantages in other aspects of performance in other coatings products. Health and environmental protection are the most enjoyable features of water-based coatings. For example, latex paint, non-toxic and harmless, no pungent odor. Its application area is also very extensive, home decoration, construction projects, etc., construction is relatively simple, easy to master operations. Nowadays, waterborne coatings have become more and more developed and have become increasingly important in the market for various types of coating products. According to estimates by industry insiders, the output of China's architectural coatings will rise rapidly next year. In 2010, China's total paint production reached 9.666 million tons, an increase of 22.8% year-on-year. Among them, the total output of architectural coatings was 3.519 million tons, an increase of 23.7% year-on-year, six times that of 2001. According to the Central Government’s requirements, in 2011, China will begin construction of 10 million sets of affordable housing, and the total number of construction starts in the next five years will reach 36 million sets. Chochuang Information believes that building materials are necessary for production capacity protection, which undoubtedly finds a house for architectural paint products in the next few years. But this also means that in the future, the competition in the architectural coatings industry will become increasingly fierce, and the law of survival of the fittest will participate in the opportunity brought about by the protection of housing projects without mercy.

20-50% of water-based coatings are water, which cannot be stored or transported below 0°C, and cannot be normally painted below 5°C. This has become a waterborne paint. Winter in the north cannot be determined by the climate, but corporate culture and product upgrades are not affected by the seasons. Zhuo Chongxin believes that stop production should not stop upgrading and stop R&D. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises can establish and deepen their corporate culture through the timing of production suspension, and provide employees with in-depth product knowledge training. As one industry expert said, 90% of companies lack a brand story, and the so-called brand story can not be used as the core of corporate culture?

Secondly, in terms of dealers and agents, winter training is also a good time. Zhuo Chuang Information found many store salesmen in the market visit, only knowing the surface coating knowledge, asking about the technology, test reports, specific components, and the human body. Few people can answer questions such as influence. Many salespeople think that I don't need to understand things to sell things, as long as I can sell them, don't worry about it. In actual fact, if you truly understand the process, you will fundamentally understand the product and grasp the product as a whole. You can only understand the product when recommending products to consumers. Thoroughly explain to consumers that they have a clear understanding of the product or even the company. It not only promoted the product but also made a live advertisement for the company. A salesman who is familiar with product and corporate philosophy and a salesperson who only knows the price clearly conveys different corporate standards. This is undoubtedly true. The training of distribution and agency can also strengthen the interaction with companies, and increasing exchanges can help resolve the gap between the two parties. It is a good channel to communicate corporate culture to the community through distribution and agency. It should be worthwhile to improve.

Furthermore, research on product formulations can also specialize in the winter. According to ZhuoChuang Information and many paint industry exchanges, each formula is slightly different, but this is slightly different, which determines the cost of the product, the size of profit space and product quality, which are important factors that affect the company's survival. . The formula is absolutely necessary, which undoubtedly increases the competitiveness of the company and lays a solid foundation for a place in the Chinese paint market where strong enterprises stand. And the reason why foreign brands are popular in China, product quality is a big head, but people have excellent quality but the cost is low enough, even if the high cost of celebrity endorsement and other advertising costs, profit margins are much larger than some of our SMEs. It is worthwhile for us to study our own technology. It is said that our company is profitable. It is far from saying that we are striving for becoming a painter power.

The architectural coatings industry has been developing rapidly since 2000, and the momentum is gratifying year after year. More and more companies are joining this industry and want to draw a knife on this piece of cake. How can we be able to survive in the big waves? This requires our company not only to focus on production, but also to pay close attention to raising the status quo and speeding up the upgrade. The coming industry has made a great deal of change, and has accumulated large amounts of accumulated savings.

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