[Comprehensive] The helmet is not for others!

Inspections can often find that some workers do not wear helmets during production or overhaul. To see workers who don’t wear helmets, they really want to make a big noise and eat up. At the production site, the environment is complex, there are many unsafe factors, the risk factor is large, and carelessness occurs. Safety accidents can easily occur. Therefore, every employee at the scene should abide by the rules and regulations, carefully wear labor insurance products, and ensure safe production.

Safety helmets are not for others!

However, there are always people who ignore the various safety rules and regulations and ignore it. Security is related to the lives of employees, the happiness of the family, the reputation of the company, and the security. The string cannot be relaxed for a moment. The front-line workers are sweating on the scene. It is indeed moving, but the safety rules and regulations must be observed by every employee at the scene, because it is a symbol of everyone and is a magic weapon to prevent accidents and ensure safe production. When the security officer arrives, you immediately wear it. The security officer is gone and the helmet is not reset. In fact, it is a big mistake! Who is wearing the helmet? Is it for the leader? Is it for the security officer? Inspection is not for anyone but for ourselves. If you were fined for failing to wear a safety helmet, you would be too much to worry about as a safety manager. But if an accident occurs because you did not wear a safety helmet, we are even more distressed.

Safety helmets are not for others!

The cultivation of good habits lies in ideological attention. In terms of security, it is impossible to be fortunate enough to be psychological, careless, and paralyzed. Therefore, when you enter the production site, or when you go to work, you must wear safety helmets, safety shoes, masks, and wear your own labor insurance products.

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Aluminum Spiral High Speed Door

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