Crack the financial dilemma of steel logistics

Crack the financial dilemma of steel logistics
The problem of financing difficulties in steel logistics and high financing costs has become increasingly serious, and it has become a major “bottleneck” for the survival and development of steel trading companies. How to deal with the crisis and get out of the predicament is a major issue faced by the steel logistics industry, and it has also attracted widespread attention and attention from all parties in the steel industry chain.
Banks focus on “credit”, and the problem continues to ferment
The general manager of a Shanghai-based steel trading company said: “The recent steel trade companies’ financing problems have become more and more serious. Banks not only strictly control the steel trade enterprises, but they are also focusing on lawsuits for steel trading companies. This is for traders. The difficulty of financing is even worse."
It is understood that since the beginning of this year, 10 listed banks including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, Everbright Bank, Industrial Bank, Ping An Bank, China CITIC Bank, and Huaxia Bank have initiated financial loan disputes against steel traders. The Shanghai Pudong New District Court accepted 2,500 disputes in steel trade in 2013, and reached 1051 in the first quarter of this year. In 2013, the amount of money involved in the steel trade of the Shanghai Pudong Regional Bank was 19 billion yuan, and the amount involved in steel trade in the first quarter of this year reached 11.4 billion yuan. The case of steel trade and trade is still on a large scale. It is expected that this situation will continue until next year.
The credit crisis of Shanghai Steel Trade is gradually spreading to South China traders and steel mills. Steel trading companies in Lecong face the same difficulties as steel traders in Shanghai. Banks draw heavily, and traders lose funds. More than 1,300 member companies of the Lecong Steel Association have 400 or so interest rates, 700 or so are overdue, and the users involved in UNPROFOR have reached 80%. It is expected that there will be concentrated litigation in May-June. In the past one or two years, the situation of tight funds and credit collapse will not be significantly reversed.
Insiders pointed out that the current financial and commercial disputes have entered a peak period. Nowadays, it is very difficult for steel traders to get gambling from banks. Some businesses are financing non-bank financing institutions with higher financing costs, such as trusts and underground banks. As a result, it will not only increase the financing cost of steel traders, but also bring great risks. Therefore, it is imminent to crack the financing problem of the steel trade industry.
E-commerce model innovation, open up new roads
In recent years, iron and steel e-commerce is rapidly rising, providing financial services for steel trading companies, and is the "blue ocean" of steel and electricity suppliers. With the rapid penetration of steel e-commerce technology into the financial sector, the integration of the e-commerce platform with the financial industry and changes in the traditional steel trade mode and the ** model have become an inevitable trend of development.
The iron and steel e-commerce business model has multiple ways, one of which is to strengthen the development of the platform. This e-commerce platform includes the upstream supply chain of Tongye Tongye, which is the establishment and operation of financing relationships between steel mills, traders and banks; traders’ iron and steel stock pledges, financing guarantees and management relationships between upstream and downstream traders. The establishment of the three-party financing business of traders and construction materials companies and banks will ensure that the steel exchanges will be adequately funded, logistics flow of warehousing will be increased, and operating service income from capital operations will be harvested.
Huai Minerals has pioneered the e-commerce model of "platform + base" in the country to achieve seamless integration of business flow, logistics, capital flow, and information flow, and to abandon the "pledge of warehouse receipts" and implement "dynamic value of goods**". With the new types of financial services, under the premise of controllable cargo rights and closed payments, the real-time dynamic balance of bank loans is ensured to ensure the safe and efficient operation of funds, and the bank's earnings are continuously stable. At present, Ping An Bank, Hua Xia Bank, and Industrial Bank have signed a credit agreement totaling RMB 70 billion with Huai Minerals, etc. Steel mills and their customers can apply for “low interest rates and high pledge rates through the Steele Online platform. , Planned daily interest rate "online dynamic value of goods**.
People in the industry believe that doing a good job of e-commerce platform financial services can not only increase the enthusiasm of online customers, ease the difficulties in financing, but also inject steam and vitality into the "blood" of Steel Group. Nowadays, many online customers put forward financial demands. This is a good thing for the development of the “platform + base” e-commerce model. As long as it strictly follows the “full flow management” operation and strictly controls the capital and cargo two capital forms, it can Ensure the safety of the entire model, and provide better service for steel companies.
Indeed, the "platform + base" e-commerce model has built a bridge of honesty and credit, eased the pressure of inventory funds for the products to be traded resulting from direct sales from the production plant, and extended upwards to raw materials, alleviating the pressure on raw material purchases from production plants. Extend the two ends of the industry chain to solve the problem of multi-link credits in the industrial chain.
For banks, the bank is most concerned about the risk of ** security and the prevention of bad debts, and the e-commerce model innovation, so that banks can see the risk. The real transaction price of the platform can help the bank accurately understand the value of the goods; the platform customer credit record can help the bank find a safer project. This is to create a barrier for financial security under the e-commerce model for banks.
E-commerce model innovation trend
The industry believes that the current steel e-commerce is in the early stages of development, especially the e-commerce model is still in the exploration and practice, the need for further improvement, soundness, innovation and development, which is the inevitable trend of development of steel e-commerce.
Nowadays, under the "platform + base" model, a full-process online supply chain finance model is implemented: two lows and two highs, namely, low risk, low cost, high traffic, and high yield. Its innovation lies in:
One is the online supply chain finance model based on “dynamic value”. This model has changed the traditional mode of static supervision of “warehouse receipts pledges”, and has fully implemented the ** model based on “dynamic value” under full-process management, so that “dynamic inventory value + supervision and guarantee account” can be achieved. The real-time dynamic balance of the balance = the amount of the bank's amount of money ensures that the funds are safe and controllable. There are currently two basic financial products that can be connected: one is the "dynamic inventory" of the manufacturer, and the other is the order of the downstream customer**.
The second is "one to one" financial services. “One bank specializes in connecting to a bank” and “One bank can dock multiple special venues”. It requires special upstream resource producers: all products are on-line transactions, and all products are included in the whole process control system. Special trading customers, through the same bank settlement, to achieve closed operations and supervision of funds.
The third is real-time full coverage of financial risks. For upstream players, special accounts must open two accounts at the main bank: supervision margin accounts and settlement accounts. "Regulatory margin account balance + dynamic inventory value under control" is greater than or equal to the bank's ** amount, and the excess is transferred to the settlement account to realize real-time management of financial risks.
The fourth is to achieve downstream terminal customer credit financial oriented payment function. Banks have many additional conditions for customers' credit finances, such as earmarking and targeted procurement, but they are actually difficult to control and control. If purchasing through e-commerce platform, through the entire process control, it will solve this problem.
The fifth is to realize the scale effect of large flows. Since only one bank is connected to one bank, each node of the goods is carried through a bank to realize the closed operation of funds. For the bank, each payment is returned to its own pocket at the same time, and through targeted payments, closed operations, and with a small amount of money, get a huge amount of traffic. For example, in the special session of Xilin, with a quota of RMB 1.5 billion to RMB 2 billion, it will be able to obtain a flow of RMB 20 billion.
Sixth, it has the function of "post-loan management". Through real-time monitoring of customer's actual logistics and capital flow through information technology, customers can realize real-time management of their phased management, and their effectiveness, safety, and economy are fully reflected.
Through the "four-in-one", that is, the rich and transparent business flow, the orientation and disclosure of information flow, the safe and reliable capital flow, and the full-process management of real logistics, so as to truly realize "four flow." This is also the essence of the "platform + base" e-commerce model, but also the innovation.

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