Curtain cleaning method

The material of the curtain fabric is easily exposed to dust and sunlight, so the washing is also very particular.

Cleaning tools: softener, washing powder, feather duster, vacuum cleaner

Operating procedure: Different curtains use different cleaning methods. The dusting of the flannel curtains is strong. After disassembly, the curtains are shaken by the hand, so that the surface dust attached to the flannel is naturally dropped, and then the detergent is placed. Soak in water for about 15 minutes. It is best not to use a washing machine to clean the flannel curtains. It is recommended to gently press the water filter by hand. Do not wring it out after washing, and it will dry automatically.

The curtains of the cotton burlap window can be directly put into the washing machine for cleaning, provided that the shrinkage treatment has been done. If it has not been shrunk, it must be taken for dry cleaning. In addition to the use of detergent, it is best to add a little fabric softener to make the cotton linen curtain more smooth and smooth after washing.

Tips: The curtains are hanging for a long time, dust and so on are easy to hide on the top, and the curtains should be cleaned at least once every three months. It is best to wash every two months in spring and summer. After the curtains are cleaned, try not to dehydrate and dry them, but should be air-dried to avoid damaging their texture. The curtains of special materials should be sent to the dry cleaner to prevent deformation.

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