Custom cabinet process

Custom cabinets are becoming more and more popular. The owners are generally confused when they choose to decorate. They don't know how to choose cabinets. First, they don't know how to choose the size. Second, they are unfamiliar with the choice of cabinet materials. That little series tells you what processes are in custom cabinetry.

1. Before choosing the decoration, choose the cabinet

Choose a brand, decide on the styles and materials you like, and discuss the price. After clear ordering intention, you must pay a certain measurement deposit and make an appointment for the initial test. Be sure to consider before the initial test, because after the initial test, the deposit is not refundable, but at the time of signing, the deposit can be deducted from the total price.

2. After the construction team enters the scene, the cabinet designer comes to the door

Water circuit construction can only be started after the cabinet solution has been confirmed. After the construction team entered the scene, the cabinet design was first tested at the first door. When the cabinet designer measured the size, what requirements should be clearly stated in person, including the specifications, dimensions, and quotations of the range hood, stove, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, etc. The more detailed, the closer the cabinet is to your actual needs. At the initial test, hydropower workers and cabinet designers are required. The owners are present and negotiated and communicated together: determine the structure of the cabinet, the location of the power supply, and the approximate location of the electrical appliances.

Third, the designer draws the drawings

The designer usually completes the overall plan of the cabinet within 3 days and informs the customer to see the plan. The more formal the business, the more standardized the drawings. If there is any objection to the plan, communicate and correct it with the designer. After the designer's revision, there is no problem, and the hydropower transformation map. The plan drawings must be understood, and the places that you can't understand must be asked clearly. Don't fool yourself, causing regrets in the future.

There are so many processes for custom cabinets. Please consult the designer of the store for details.

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