Development and Reform Commission will take the lead in advancing the price of natural gas

Development and Reform Commission will take the lead in advancing the price of natural gas The State Council recently approved the “Opinions on the Major Work of Deepening the Reform of the Economic System in 2013” ​​(hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") of the National Development and Reform Commission. According to the “Opinions” notice, electricity price reform and natural gas price reforms will be promoted in 2013; a ladder price system for electricity, water, and gas for residential use will be established and improved.

Regarding the price reform of resource products, the Opinions clearly stated that the reform of electricity prices will be promoted, the classification of sales prices will be simplified, the scope of implementation of the same price of electricity for industrial and commercial use will be expanded, and the coal price linkage mechanism and the pricing mechanism for hydropower and nuclear power grid prices will be improved. Promote the construction of the national coal trading market system. Promote the reform of natural gas prices and gradually streamline the relationship between natural gas and alternative energy sources. We will promote trials of large-scale direct-purchased electricity and electricity-supply-side power system reforms. In addition, on the premise of protecting the people’s basic living needs, comprehensive consideration shall be given to factors such as the conservation of resources and the use of environmental protection, and a sound system of ladders for household electricity, water, and gas shall be established and improved. In terms of reform of fiscal and taxation systems, the Opinions require that the scope of resource tax assessment be extended to include taxable items such as coal, and related charges in coal mining and sales should be cleared, and trials should be conducted to deepen the reform of paid use of mineral resources. In terms of financial system reform, it is necessary to promote the construction of commodities such as coal, iron ore, crude oil, and government bonds; and reform of the investment system should focus on clearing up policies and regulations that impede fair competition and promote the effective entry of private capital into finance. Energy, railways, telecommunications and other fields. According to the “Opinions” notice, the key reform work in 2013 was to further promote the reform of the administrative system, accelerate reforms in finance, taxation, finance, investment, and prices, actively promote the protection of people’s livelihood, urbanization, and overall urban-rural reforms.

The "Opinions" also require that we continue to deepen the various reforms that have been introduced and strive to make new progress during the year. It is necessary to continue to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, promote the reform of the large-scale state-owned companies in the corporate system, and promote the strategic adjustment of the state-owned economy and the merger and reorganization of state-owned enterprises.

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