Do you need a real estate license to repair a house in rural areas?

In the city to buy a house, get the real estate license is the owner of the house. That repair rural house real estate license it? Rural house needs repair what procedures? First go through rural self-help housing real estate license is required to meet certain conditions. Homesteads built in rural areas need approval. Therefore, the order of the rural real estate licenses for building houses and urban housing after the first purchase of houses is the exact opposite. The first thing to do is to submit an application on your own. After the approval is passed, you can build a house and receive a real estate permit. Here I will arrange the relevant content for the repair of houses in rural areas.

What procedures do you need to repair a house in the country?

Need to meet certain conditions in order to do real estate license. Homesteads built in rural areas are subject to approval. Therefore, the order of the rural real estate licenses for self-constructed houses is the reverse of the order of the city. First apply, after the approval, can build a house and receive a real estate license.

(1) Application conditions:

The residents of Hongxiang only have one residence. The village where the registered permanent residence is located is the central village (Tuen) and there are indeed necessary farm households for the construction of houses.

(B), to provide information:

1. My account book, ID card; 2. Application for building.

(III) Processing procedures for rural real estate licenses:

1. Building households apply to the village committee for housing construction

2, the village committee review and approval, signature and seal

3. Apply to Township Rural Construction Office

4. Rural Construction Office staff walk on the spot and agreed to build a house

5, to the rural township construction office to receive housing construction application form

6, signed by the Township Construction Office

7. Leaders of township leaders sign and seal, verify and agree

8. Approved by County Planning and Construction Bureau (County Administrative Service Center)

9, building households to obtain property rights certificate.

Those who want to build a house in the countryside should pay attention to these points

First, the biggest problem in rural housing is orientation. The door is best facing east or south, because the Purple Air comes to the east and is a blessing. The South is rich in feng shui and has plenty of sunshine. It is also the first choice for the direction of the gate.

Second, the gates cannot face the cemetery. Some houses are built on their own grounds. Although they are unreasonable, if they are to be covered, the gates cannot face the cemetery. In feng shui, the graveyards are extremely unfavorable to the house, and the gates are places for refuge.

Third, the door cannot be facing other windows, causing inconvenience on the one hand. On the other hand, it is unfavorable to the health of the family members and it is easy to recruit young people. Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention when staying at the gate.

Fourth, there must be no crossbeam above the door, and the top of the crossbeam is not well pressed, so try to avoid it. Stagger it out or hide it with something.

Entrance is not suitable to hang what picture

First, the picture is too dark or black too much. It looks heavy, making people depressed, pessimistic, and lacking motivation to do things.

Second, the pictures of fierce wild beasts are painted. The health of the family members is poor.

Third, the abstract painting should not be hung up, it will make the family's emotions repeated, psychological imbalance, easy to nervous.

Draw a picture of sunset and sink west. Do not hang it. There are effects that will reduce the momentum.

Fifth, it is not appropriate to hang large portraits of deceased loved ones because it will make you do more work.

Sixth, it is not appropriate to hang pictures of waterfalls, because the painting of the main family is a matter of luck.

7. Don't hang too many red portraits, which will make your family vulnerable to injury or bad temper.

Editor's summary: The above is the rural housing repair to the real estate license you rural real estate permit application conditions and the relevant knowledge of the process of introduction, in summary, the villagers can follow the above steps for rural self-built housing real estate license. In addition, Xiao Bian reminds everyone to apply as much as possible when applying, which saves the trouble of running a lot of tricks and saves time.

Rural house repair

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