ETC's two flashpoints

ETC's two flashpoints
At present, the main application areas of China's ETC are mainly highway tolls, and Wuhan City is the only city that uses ETC technology. With the increasing popularity of ETC users, the application of ETC in cities will also become more and more extensive. In addition to congestion charges, smart parking will be a major hot spot for ETC applications.
Traditional manual and semi-manual keystrokes, card export, export payment process, entering and exiting a parking lot, spending nearly one minute at the entrance and exit, in case of major events or rush hour, many parking lots often appear long queues.
Therefore, the primary role of the parking lot ETC is to ease the pressure on vehicles entering and exiting the peak period of the car park, thereby reducing traffic pressure on some roads. Secondly, most of the current parking lots use passive electronic tags that cost only about RMB 30. They are easily tampered with and falsified, and are not suitable for secure payment and settlement. ETC settlement uses active electronic tags, including security. High CPU card, therefore, using ETC at parking lot can also guarantee secure payment settlement.
The ETC application will also improve the commercial development in the vicinity of the parking lot. The first is the growth rate. After the reconstruction, the ETC channel parking lot will increase the speed of vehicles and reduce the number of vehicle entrance stops. The second is to increase income, and the rapid entry and exit of vehicles will attract more people to enter the business district. Lastly, it adds value and uses dynamic information services to communicate parking information to the vehicle's host cardholders as a value-added service for parking lots. The convenience provided by the ETC will enable car owners to make more use of parking in the commercial area, and the convenience it brings will also give the car owner a good shopping experience.
Different from the highway ETC application, there are still several key issues to be solved in the implementation of the ETC smart parking lot. Expressway ETC traffic is cross-regional, that is, a vehicle-mounted unit can be identified within a province or within a networked region. ETC networking in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, and Bohai Rim further expands the scope of interoperability. However, the difference between the parking lot and the high speed is that the parking lot assets belong to each property unit, and each property unit exists independently, and there is no uniform coordination between them.
To promote the establishment of a unified ETC parking fee system, first of all require that the penetration of ETC reach a higher level, for example, every vehicle has an on-board label like Wuhan, so that the owner is willing to use ETC to pay for the property to be installed and used. ETC charging system; Secondly, we must establish a comprehensive and unified payment and settlement platform, which requires joint ownership of the property rights of the parking lot of the property units, led by government departments to establish a unified platform or company. According to industry insiders, the application of ETC in various parking lots can be implemented at the same time as establishing a city card, and ETC can be included in the scope of urban card construction. After such a platform is established, it is also necessary to link the platform with the bank settlement system. At present, Wuhan and Beijing, two cities with high ETC penetration rate, have started trials for ETC smart parking. The pilot will be implemented steadily while focusing on the owner's acceptance ability and experience. The experience accumulated in the trials in these two cities will be applied to ETC. The formation of smart parking operation model plays a vanguard role.

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