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The family is the cell of society. Family security is the foundation of social stability and harmony. Safe family is an important part of building an overall well-to-do society, a harmonious society, and a peaceful society. It is a people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development of the scientific concept of development. One of the important measures. Family safety is the cornerstone of social security and production safety. For a long time, one of the important reasons for the severe safety production situation in China is the weak awareness of safety in the entire society and the poor foundation of family safety.

26 What to do if you encounter a liar?

There are strangers claiming to give you items for your family. You may wish to make a phone call and verify it first. After you ask the family about the situation, open the door again. Do not believe that you will open the door immediately.

27 how old children and children at home?

Some people want to enter the house on the basis of water meter, gas meter, maintenance, etc. If you can't determine the true or false, you may refute and refuse to say it. When your family comes back, you must not open the door.

28 How to prevent robbery while walking?

Please fasten your cell phone box around your waist. The lesbian bag should not be worn on your shoulders. Should you kneel down on your body to prevent swiftness or cutting off the bag.

29 What to do in the event of an accident?

Quickly call for help, note down the license plate number of the vehicle in question, let others call the police quickly and get in touch with the family. Remember to witness the witness and try not to go with the vehicle and the person to treat.

30 What happens when a living person trails?

When you meet strangers between the upstairs and the stairs or at the entrance to the yard, watch carefully and find out that strangers need to be vigilant. Especially when entering the house, do not enter the building with strangers. If necessary, ask who? Prevent sudden attacks from the other party.

31 marching suddenly riding a bike does not move how to do?

When you are riding a bicycle on a normal road and you find that the car suddenly stops moving, you must first grasp the contents of the rut and carry it on your back, because criminals often throw cloth, steel wire, etc. behind the wheel. When you find the reason, you can take the opportunity to grab the package.

32 What if I don’t return my money?

It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation to pick up gold, and those who fail to collect the money must be punished not only by moral condemnation but also by legal sanctions. If the value of the items picked up is huge, anyone who refuses to return will constitute the crime of embezzlement and may be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years or more and a fine of five years. Therefore, when you find that your lost item is not returned after being picked up, you can report it to the police station.

33 What should women pay attention to when they go alone?

Keep an eye out for anybody stalking behind you, and be especially vigilant if someone is always on the remote side of the road. When you suspect that you are being followed, you must walk to a place where the lights are bright and where the pedestrians are concentrated. When you are sure that you are being tracked, you should avoid stopping and facing each other and you should enter a busy store or a place with security personnel, or find The nearest residents requested help from the owner and called the family and friends.

34 How do women deal with gangster violence?

1 When it was discovered earlier that the culprit was unworthy and the culprit was not a veteran veteran and the physique was small, the woman could grab a handbag or other easily reachable item and slammed her eyes to the other person's eyes and at the same time called out for help.

2 When you are not prepared to be held by the culprits, drag them down and drag them to secluded places, you must calm down and make abnormal fears, let them relax and guard their hearts, and prepare them to use their knees. unit. Or grab a handful of sand and throw it at the culprit's eyes. You can also unplug the hairpin to attack the attacker's eyes, ears, nose and other vulnerable parts.

3 When you are alone and unable to get rid of, you must pay attention to the physical characteristics of the criminals and report them in a timely manner.

35 how to prevent bank robbery

1 Citizens who want to withdraw money from financial institutions should pay attention to strengthening safety precautions, and go as far as two or three people together to facilitate mutual protection and care;

2 The money should be placed inside the coat or on the inside of the bag. Do not place the money in the basket in front of the motorcycle or bicycle.

3 Checking money should be within the financial institution. Do not take the number of points before you go out. If you carry it with a sports bag or a canvas bag, you should carry it back on the shoulder to prevent it from being snatched by the back or side.

4 Be especially wary of stalking after the financial institution has stepped out, that is, a stalker who follows the track and acts suspiciously;

5 Take off as far as possible after the withdrawal, instead of walking or cycling away;

6If someone is walking around or checking in at a cash machine, don't go for cash withdrawals.

36 How to prevent anesthesia robbery?

1 For strangers trying to be close to themselves, they cannot freely accept drinks, tea, cigarettes, food, etc., provided they cannot confirm their true intentions;

2 While looking after your own belongings, you cannot easily let the other party know about the money that you carry with you. Under normal circumstances, the perpetrator will not start with a goal that does not have " value " ;

3 For those businessmen who do not know the details, it is best to arrange conversations at the venue of their choice, or tell their family members or colleagues in advance where they want to go, the reasons, the time, or contact them regularly, and try not to give it to those who are worried. Can take the opportunity.

37. Which taxi drivers should be more watchful for?

1 When passengers get in the car, they cannot tell exactly where they are going;

2 The young men above the age of two had abnormal behaviors;

3 on the way proposed to go to the toilet, pick up people, uncomfortable body requirements to stop or require parking in remote uninhabited areas;

4 Change the driving route and the place of getting off the car several times;

5 For the first time, he paid more as a bait, and he took the initiative to contact the car for the second time.

6 paying the fare outside the car.

38 How to identify drug addicts?

A person’s exposure to drugs often leads to significant changes in physical, psychological and behavioral behaviors, such as absenteeism, absenteeism, lying, moodiness, sly action, long hours in his room or bathroom, sudden increase in economic expenses, and flashing speeches when making and receiving calls. In terms of physical condition, it is easy to lose weight, often yawning, suffocating, tearing, loss of appetite, vomiting, drowsiness, and the occurrence of various diseases. Therefore, it is not difficult to find out about drug addicts with careful observation.

39 How to prevent drug abuse?

1 Life must have regularity;

2 actively participate in collective activities, sports activities and public welfare activities;

3 Learning life skills and social skills;

4 Do not make bad friends;

5 Resolutely not making friends with drug addicts;

6 Finding evidence of drug use in the vicinity should be reported to the relevant authorities in a timely manner and rescue him in a timely manner;

7 To establish a correct outlook on life and values.

40 How to prevent children from getting involved in drugs?

To educate children away from drugs, they should always examine the external environment of their children’s work, study, and life. They should be very satisfied with the friends they make and the places where they often meet. Suspicious individuals among them should promptly remind their children to stay away from them. Sudden changes in the physical condition and habits of life should be followed up thoroughly, identify problems, and find that they are contaminated with drugs. They should promptly report to the public security organs and must not help to abuse them.

41 How do families prevent food poisoning?

1 good purchase. When buying food, buy it from a reputable retailer. Pay attention to whether the packaging is marked with a valid date and manufacturing date.

2 good cleaning off. For spinach, cabbage, lily, leeks, etc., can be soaked with water to remove poison; for green peppers, celery, beans, tomatoes, etc., in the pot before the first hot 5 minutes, can remove some of the residual; for stem vegetables such as red and white radish , potatoes and fruits and vegetables (such as melon, cucumber, bitter gourd, etc.) and appearance of uneven or fine hair of the fruits and vegetables, it is best to peel and then rinse with water.

3 good storage off. Store foods to prevent fly, heat, moisture, rodents, and poison. Leftover leftovers should be placed in a freezer or in a cool, ventilated place. When the second meal is eaten, it must be cooked again. Although some of the leftovers do not seem to have changed, there are still germs that grow and reproduce. If only hot water is used, there is still a risk of poisoning after eating. Some cooked foods that are stored overnight without being chilled can easily cause poisoning.

42 How can I make a fire call when there is a fire?

1 keep in mind the fire alarm 119 ;

2 When making an alarm, it is necessary to clarify the fire unit, the district, the street, the street number or the rural area;

3 Explain what is on fire and what the fire is;

4 Clear the name, telephone number and address of the alarm person;

5 Arrange people to wait at the intersection to wait for the fire engine after the alarm and guide the fire to the road to the fire.

43 What are the commonly used fire fighting methods in the family?

1 When liquefied petroleum gas or piped gas or natural gas catches fire due to leaks, towels, rags, etc. can be soaked in the fire spot and the valve can be quickly closed.

2 If the pan is on fire, do not use water to save it, nor can you use your hand to end it. Instead, immediately take the lid from the side of the body and place it on the lid of the burning oil pan or put the cut vegetables into the pan. The oil in the pan will be extinguished when it is isolated from the air.

3 Once the household appliance has caught fire, immediately switch off the power, or remove the latch and cover it with a blanket or wet cotton. Do not use water to fight because water can conduct electricity and cause electric shock and injury.

44 How to escape when a fire occurs?

1 Rope self-rescue method: If you have a rope in your home, you can directly climb one end of the rope into the door, window or heavy object and climb down the other end. During the process, the feet should be twisted to clamp the rope, hands alternately climb down, and try to use gloves and towels to protect the hands.

2. The method of advancement: Because the smoke mostly gathers in the upper space when a fire occurs, the body should be as close as possible to the ground or bent over in the process of escape.

3 towel blowing nose: fire smoke has a high temperature, toxic characteristics, once inhaled it is likely to cause respiratory system burns or poisoning, so evacuation applications wet towel to cover your nose and mouth, in order to play the role of cooling and filtration.

4 cotton quilt body protection method: use soaked quilts or blankets, cotton coats to cover the body, determine the escape route and use the fastest speed to drill directly through the fire and rushed to a safe area.

5 blanket insulation method: the fabrics such as blankets or nails clipped on the door, and continue to water cooling, in order to prevent the intrusion of external flames and smoke, so as to achieve the purpose of inhibiting the spread of fire speed, increase escape time.

6 Wrap-by-bed method: Tear the sheets, quilt, or curtains into strips and twist them into a twist shape. Climb along the outer wall in a rope escape way.

7 jump from a building to survive: Do not jump off a building easily on the fire! As a last resort, residents living on low floors can use the method of jumping off to escape. But choose the lower ground as the landing site and put Simmons mattresses, sofa cushions, thick quilts, etc. as cushions.

8 Pipeline slide-down method: When there are vertical pipes such as downspouts, utility poles, lightning rod leads, etc. on the outer wall or balcony side of a building, it can be used to descend to the ground. At the same time, it should be noted that the number of people who drop once should not be excessive to prevent escape. A person has fallen due to a damaged pipeline.

9 Bamboo raft cutting method: Insert the solid clothes rod obliquely from the balcony or window sill into the outdoor ground or the next layer of platform, and then slide the rod down after fixing both ends.

10 Climbing and escaping from the fire: You can avoid the fire by climbing the balcony, the outer edge of the window, and the scaffolds and awnings around the building.

11Stair transfer method: When the fire spreads rapidly from bottom to top and the stairs are sealed, residents living on the upper floors can quickly climb to the roof through the dormer windows, skylights, etc., and transfer to the stairs of another person's home or another unit. evacuation.

12 Toilet Evacuation Act: When there is no way to escape, you can use the bathroom to take refuge, close the door with a towel, splash water on the floor and cool down, or you can lie in a bathtub filled with water to escape. However, do not drill to the bottom of the bed, attic, large cupboards and other places of refuge, because these places are flammable and easy to collect smoke.

13 Fire Sites for Distress: When a fire breaks out, you can make a loud call, strike a metal object, or throw a soft object at a window, balcony, or roof. During daytime, you should use bright cloth to make a distress signal. At night, you can shake a flashlight or white cloth to cause rescue. The attention of the staff.

14 Wind evacuation method: The direction of evacuation should be determined according to the direction of the wind at the time of the fire and quickly escape to the wind to avoid the flame and smoke.

15 Take the "bridge" escape method: You can use boards, slats, roof platforms and other solid objects such as bamboo or bamboo to ride on adjacent units or adjacent buildings as a transition to a relatively safe area.

45 What can be used to extinguish fire?

1 Water is the most practical and simple fire extinguishing agent in your home. If paper, wood or cloth catch fire, use it to extinguish it. However, if it is electrical appliances, gasoline, alcohol, cooking oil, etc. caught in the fire, do not use water to save.

2 Sand, wet quilts, and sacks can extinguish fires. Brooms, mops, clothes, quilts, rakes, etc. can also be used as fire fighting tools. The key lies in the fact that we cannot give the fire a chance to spread.

3 dry powder fire extinguisher: Suitable for fighting oil, combustible gas and electrical equipment fire.

4 foam fire extinguisher: Suitable for fighting various flammable liquid and solid material fires.

5 "CO2" fire extinguisher: Suitable for fighting fires of valuables such as oil, charged equipment, precision instruments, instruments, cultural relics, archives, etc.

How do 46 families prevent fire?

1 The TV should maintain a certain distance from the wall to facilitate ventilation. No one in the room does not turn on the phone, and it shuts down immediately after use and removes the latch.

2 Use an electric iron to iron the clothes. Place the iron on a refractory brick, slate, and iron stand. To turn on the power when leaving unattended, do not go on doing anything other than unplugging the power in the interval between ironing, and remove the latch in time after use.

3 The refrigerator should keep a certain distance with the wall and the objects on both sides to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation. Because dust, lint and dust accumulated on the motor, compressor, fan and coil are the main causes of fire, keep the refrigerator clean.

4 The power of incandescent light bulbs is different, and the surface temperature of the incandescent bulbs is different under normal heat dissipation conditions. The surface temperature is 40 watts 50--63 ° C, 60 watts of 137--180 ° C, 100 W to 170--216 ° C. The ignition point of general flammables is within this temperature range. Therefore, use incandescent lamps must be kept with a certain distance away from combustibles. Do not use paper to make the lampshade. The paper is burned and ignited, causing fire.

5 Do not easily extend the wires of electrical equipment. Pay special attention not to pull wires under the furniture and carpets to prevent moving the furniture or people from stepping on them.

6 Mosquito coils should be placed on the stand. Do not place the stand on a carton, table, or wooden floor. If it is placed on metal plates, porcelain plates, concrete floors, and tile floors, it will be much safer.

7 Do not place mosquito coils on windowsills where they can easily be blown by the wind.

8 When using electric mosquito coils, place them on the floor far away from paper, wooden table and other flammable materials. When not in use, the latch should be unplugged.

9 Install the stove to maintain a certain distance from the combustibles such as the bed, paper ceiling, and wooden window frame. Brick stoves, iron stoves or earth stoves used in rural areas should be kept away from firewood.

10 Don't put waste materials, shavings and other flammable materials next to the furnace.

11 There must be special care when grilling clothes.

After the slag of the slag that has been removed, it must be safely extinguished and then poured into a safe place. Special care must be taken not to pour slag when the fire is warmed.

13 When firing, do not use gas, kerosene, diesel and alcohol to help prevent them from burning and causing fire.

14 Whether using piped gas, natural gas, or canned liquefied petroleum gas, it is necessary to follow the “primary and post-supply” operating procedures. Otherwise, the combustible gas will mix with the air into an explosive gas mixture. When you ignite, it is very likely to cause a fire. Always close the valve after use.

15 Do not use liquefied petroleum gas for young children. Beginners learn to point gas stoves, adults should be directed to do, good point to remember to keep the match away from the fire source, do not readily place on the stove to prevent the fire. When water is burned, the spilled water will extinguish the fire, causing the gas to leak and cause a fire. Therefore, when the fire is extinguished by overflowing water, the air supply should be immediately shut down, and the doors and windows must be opened for ventilation.

16 Use gas to boil water for cooking. Take special care. Adjust the gas volume at any time to prevent the soup from overflowing to extinguish the flame or the wind to blow out the flame and cause air leakage, causing fire or explosion.

47 What should you watch out for when renting a house?

1 A 4 kg dry powder fire extinguisher shall be installed for every 80 square meters of building area (about 6-7 rental rooms) and every 20 square meters of commercial shops .

2 Evacuation stairs, evacuation channel openings shall be equipped with emergency lights;

3 If the building structure is complicated, evacuation lights and signs shall be set in the passageway;

4 The evacuation channel must not be provided with a security door, and the bottom storefront must not share the stairs with the rental house;

5 The rented house cannot be mixed with factories and warehouses.

48 What should you pay attention to when you withdraw cash?

1 Regardless of whether the announcement or notice on the cash machine is affixed with the official seal, as long as it is required to transfer to the designated account, there must be a problem with the announcement or notice.

2 Normally swallow the card, the machine will spit out the card slip, and the screen will prompt to swallow the card. The cardholder can return the card to the management bank.

3 When you withdraw money, first look for any extra settings. When you lose your password, try to avoid peeking.

4 Successful withdrawals The machine does not dispense money. Wait a few more minutes to see if there is any abnormality in the cash outlet and consult directly with the management unit. Do not accept the help of “enthusiastic people”.

49 Why can't I participate in "liu he cai" gambling?

1 In recent years, some people have become fascinated by the “ liu he cai ” of Hong Kong in the periphery , and some have even indulged in their inability to extricate themselves; at worst, they have lost their finances;

2 “ liu he cai ” is actually a kind of digital game. There is no law and “mystery” at all. If you don’t realize your dreams, if you want to make a fortune through some so-called “cheats” and “genuine classics,” this dream will sooner or later be shattered. It will be too late to return.

3 The gambling “ liu he cai ” is a serious gambling behavior that is illegal and dangerous, and it is harmful to others. Do not put away your hand.

50 How to prevent gangsters from robbing banks?

Once the bank is responsible for duty and security personnel, once a suspect is found carrying a gun and enters the bank gate for robbery, he should immediately start carrying the remote control device. The three police start synchronously: 1 The gate is automatically closed; 2 The alarm is started; 3 The preset is large Balls poured into the lobby from the front office of the bank ( 5 to 6 pounds per square meter ) . At this time, the criminals will fall to the ground when they move. The gun sight is not allowed. The bank staff can fight back and subdue the criminals.

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