Furniture "Magic Mirror" unveiled smart robot eye-catching

Domestic and foreign furniture "Grandeur" exhibitors

Chengdu Guangdong dialect industry chain integration

This year's exhibition attracted nearly 40 well-known foreign companies to participate in the exhibition, the top ten global furniture production equipment companies - Germany's Haomai, Ima, Power, Odden, Italy SCM, South Korea, etc. are all on display, Xingma, South Xing and other domestic famous enterprises are also competing with the top international companies.

At the exhibition, Germany's century-old woodworking machinery brand Odden brought the world's top cutting saw equipment, which was also exhibited for the first time in China this year. It is reported that the product has won the world's top industrial design award - Germany IF design gold award, can produce various production data of wood into a bar code, through the scanning of barcodes to complete the entire cutting process of wood, the site visitors are praised plus.

In addition, the Guangdong Shunde Hardware Association organized a group of enterprises to participate in the exhibition, the local Chengdu Furniture Chamber of Commerce, everyone to the West International Home Materials Purchasing Center, Jiayuan Jiaju International Furniture Materials City, etc. also appeared in the exhibition.

On July 12th, the “China Furniture Industry Chain Integration Development Forum” jointly organized by Chengdu New Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd., a permanent organization of Chengdu Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee, and Shunde District Home Hardware Association of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, The exhibition was grandly held.

At the forum, Chengdu New Oriental Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the Home Hardware Association of Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides formed a strategic partnership and will carry out deeper exchanges and cooperation in the future.

Customized furniture production line attracts attention

Intelligent CNC equipment leads the exhibition

At the exhibition site, the customized furniture automation production line produced by Chengdu Kemei CNC caused concern. This equipment can not only realize the personalized design of the furniture, but also display the real-life effect picture of the room after the installation of the furniture to the customer before production. “The whole display process takes only a few minutes”.

“Through this production line, the furniture production cycle can be shortened from the previous 45 days to less than 20 days.” Yu Xing, the company's marketing director, said that there are currently no more than three equipment manufacturers with similar overall hardware and software systems and technologies in China.

At the show, Sidart's two-armed intelligent robot was a slam dunk – it skillfully shuffled, licensed, and played poker with the audience. According to the person in charge of the company, they mainly showcase the one-arm intelligent painting robot concept equipment, and the company has the mass production capability.

"The imported Haode computer panel saw exhibited more than twice the efficiency of similar equipment." According to Liu Conglun, general manager of Chengdu Changlin Woodworking Machinery, it has high-tech single equipment and high-efficiency production line. It will be the direction that they will recommend to customers at this exhibition.

The original auxiliary materials hall of Hall 5-6 also ignited the smart wind. Chentai sofa material brings its own patented product - smart sofa material, as long as the mobile phone APP is downloaded, the sofa can be remotely controlled in the WiFi environment; the sofa is embedded with a refrigerating cup, which can refrigerate the beverage to below 8 °C. In addition, the sofa is also equipped with an air purifier, and has a smart memory function, which is convenient for adjusting the most suitable sitting feeling.

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