Gas water heater repair and maintenance

Gas water heater is China's first generation of water heaters, which brings great convenience to people's domestic hot water supply. However, gas water heaters sometimes can't get fired. This is inconvenient. Today, Xiao Bian introduced gas to everyone. Water heater repair methods , in addition to the details of the gas water heater for everyone to clean up and maintain knowledge, so that you have a comprehensive understanding of the knowledge of gas water heaters.

Gas water heater failure and repair method

1, the ignition is not going well

The main reason for the difficulty of ignition or ignition is the carbon deposition of the fire nozzle and heater, or the fouling of the water valve filter screen. Cleaning method: check the fire nozzle and heater, found carbon deposit, clean; if the water valve filter gauze fouling, you can unscrew the inlet pipe, remove the filter gauze water cleaning, can also be cleaned directly on the pipeline, after cleaning Then install the inlet pipe.

2, extinguished incomplete

Extinguishing incomplete will lead to increase of harmful gases and serious environmental pollution. The main cause is the heat exchanger and main extinguishment. Cleaning method: Check the heat exchanger into the extinguisher, and stop cleaning to make it smooth.

3, valve can not open

After the water valve is opened, as long as the fire is open, there is no fire to boil water. The main reason is that the tympanic membrane of the outlet nozzle breaks and the air valve cannot be opened. Sweeping method: purchase a new tympanic membrane and change it. During the change process, avoid installing the hollow screws on the tympanic membrane. Otherwise, replace the new tympanic membrane and do not open the valve.

4, copper pipe leakage

The most vulnerable to damage is the copper tube that is directly above the long open fire. The main reason is that the management wall of the red copper tube is burned in a situation where the water is stopped, the water pressure is low, or the long open flame is not turned off for a long time. Sweeping method: When in emergency, you can temporarily block the eyes with a fuse. After use, the gas water heater can be unloaded, the water in the water pipe can be drained, and the soldering iron can be used to secure the leaky eyes. In order not to be burned out later, a piece of iron may be used to block the long open flame at the copper pipe that is facing the open fire. In this way, it is possible to name the copper tubes there for 3-5 years.

5, heat accumulation plate scale

Accumulation of heat storage chips will affect heat absorption and ventilation. The main reason is that it takes a long time to use and indoor air does not circulate. Sweeping method: Clear out the dirt from the heat storage film. If the grime is too thick, you can grind the hacksaw into a slanting knife. The prize grinds cleanly and cleanly, and the blown dirt is blown clean with a bicycle pump. Finally, the use of hacksaw blades or other tools is required to distribute the heat storage sheet to the spread evenly to avoid affecting heat storage and ventilation.

Gas Water Heater Cleaning and Maintenance

1, the external cleaning of gas water heaters, as long as you can often rub with a soft rag to wipe.

2. The carbon deposit residue of the burner is removed. In general, the main nozzle and the auxiliary nozzle and the carbon deposit generated in the flue duct are hard and dense, and are firmly bonded with the metal. The mixture is oil coke, asphaltene and dust, and is extremely difficult to remove. When cleaning, the deposition product will be accumulated. The carbon parts are put into the cleaning liquid with carbon removing agent, and the cleaning liquid is heated to 80--90°C and infiltrated for 2-3 hours until the carbon deposit is softened, and then wiped clean with a brush or old cloth; finally with heat Rinse the water and dry it.

3. When using carbon removing agent, it can't be used to clean the residual carbon on the heat exchanger, so as to avoid damaging the heat absorbing and heat reflecting paint layer on the heat exchanger.

4. For fins, the dust and dust on the heat exchanger can be wiped with a rag or blown with a skin blower.

5, should always check the gas pipeline (rubber hose) is intact, with or without aging, cracks, leakage and other phenomena, and found that there are bad phenomena to be dealt with in a timely manner.

6, always pay attention to whether the leakage, leakage phenomenon, in order to deal with in time.

7, always pay attention to the flame of the fire mouth is smaller, and timely treatment; use should pay attention to whether the flame is normal combustion.

8, often with a damp cloth to wipe the dirt on the surface of the shell, then wipe dry with a dry cloth, easy to remove the dirt can be wiped with a neutral detergent.

9, for plastic products, printing surface, spray surface, etc. should not use strong detergent, gasoline, etc. to clean.

10. When the ignition electrode is dirty, clean it with a dry cloth to ensure ignition quality.

Xiao Bian summary : Gas water heater repair and maintenance related content is introduced to this, I hope to help you. More exciting information is on this site.

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