Guangdong Star Arts Decoration Co., Ltd. how? See users real reviews

Star Art Decoration is also a well-known decoration company in the decoration industry. The decoration company's good and bad also determine the smoothness of the user's decoration process. No matter which local decoration company is a lot, Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd. has a great reputation. If you want to choose this decoration company for your own decoration, you must take a good look at this decoration company. In addition, the evaluation of netizens must also take a look. Feedback from consumers should also be more accurate.

Guangdong Star Arts Decoration Co., Ltd. how?

Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991 by Mr. Yu Jingyi. Star Art Decoration is a large-scale professional decoration group company that mainly undertakes indoor and outdoor decoration engineering design and construction of various types of buildings, and manufactures furniture, sells building decoration materials, decorative handicrafts and furniture.

With a registered capital of 159 million yuan, the company has branches in more than 20 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and autonomous regions. It has more than 400 subordinate companies, more than 5,000 designers, over 50,000 engineering management personnel, and is a well-known trademark enterprise in China. The governing unit, the deputy chairman of the residential committee of the China Building Decoration Association and the deputy chairman of the design committee, has the National Building Decoration Engineering Design Grade A and the Building Decoration Engineering Professional Grade One Contracting Qualification.

Star Art Decoration always adheres to the business philosophy of “Classic Design, Quality First, Customer Foremost, Learning Innovation”. It always adheres to the brand building road of honesty and trustworthiness and regards quality as the life of the company.
Star Art Decoration adhering to the "modern happiness, nest for love" modern service spirit, committed to the research and exploration of ancient and modern home design culture in China and abroad, established the Star Art Design Institute and the Star Art Design Society, and refined the "homely space". “Cultural Space”, “Thought Space”, “Smart Space”, “Collection of Space”, “Shuimu Tsinghua”, “Taiheju”, “Designing a Home as a City” and “Philosophical Beauty of Space” are both Chinese The Cultural Concept of Traditional Architecture and the Cultural Concept of Western Architecture

Guangdong Star Arts Decoration Co., Ltd.

Natural volume bottle Comments Guangdong Star Arts Decoration Co., Ltd.: quality and management are good, that is, too many designer orders, late service is a bit busy

Tiantian_hu Comments Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd .: Oops, I can finally move into my new home. I don't want to find their home in this forum commentary, but my husband and their company's designer is a fellow. Her husband believes that designer. Her husband had to choose their home. During the construction period, I was still worried that it would be the same as that of the commentary. It was a mess, but I was relieved after doing a good job of hydropower. Because my father had been an electrician for more than ten years, and he knew a lot about this. Dad. They said that their hydropower is doing very well. As long as the concealment project is done well, the others will not have to worry about it. I also feel relieved. I just ran it once in two days, and then I wouldn't even go to work. It was my father who had time to look over and I looked at it at the end. It was really good. It was beyond my expectation. We are very satisfied! Thank you.

You are my comment Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd.: In fact, I saw this comment last month, but my mother had already chosen their family. At that time, my heart was still tangled, but now it has been completed. I want to comment on it. I don’t know what’s downstairs, but I’m still good at home, and I’m still happy with their home. The total duration is 2 months and 4 more days. The main reason is that I’m married and let their supervision give me The reason why many decorative paintings are installed is that we are happy with the whole process. I am most satisfied with their plumbers, because I want to give them a good opinion.

Q194735 Reviews Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd.: I am Zhoupu. Last year, I was able to decorate the Zhouyi Pudong Star Art Co., Ltd. The overall process of the renovation was basically satisfactory. There was a small problem in the middle. The communication has been resolved. In fact, the decoration process It's normal to have a problem in it, and it's not normal if the problem cannot be solved. Overall it is satisfactory.

Light gray lonely comment Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd.: This side opened a new decoration point, just at home need to be renovated, just look at the past, the level of how, some talking down that the designer is still a little idea, but My husband took a fancy to another decoration company.

Dxdl commented on Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd.: The house of my family was started on March 30 this year. The decoration time was for a full 3 months and was basically satisfactory. My family is a one-room household with a building area of ​​48 square meters. During the renovation process, the construction technicians are very good. If some of the design drawings are not well-made, they will communicate with us in time. In fact, compared to irrelevant decorations, I may or may not want to. As long as the process is the best.

Pink Dream Comments Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd.: I like the taste of their home's painted walls full of good-looking, is a modern family's decoration, this is also worth considering a family, recommend oh and I like this style of people this Home can choose next.

Editing comments: Read the relevant profile of Guangdong Star Arts Decoration Company. We also have a certain understanding of this decoration company. The comments of users on Guangdong Star Arts Decoration Co., Ltd. are mixed. From the overall view, Guangdong Xingyi Decoration Co., Ltd. Satisfaction in the hearts of netizens is not very high, but the outstanding designer is the biggest asset of Xingyi Decoration Company. In the end, if you want to choose Guangdong Star Arts Decoration, everyone will have to look at their own situation.

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