Half-weighted solar panels Solar composites used as substrates

Sun Industrial Co., Ltd., which produces membrane structures such as tents (Setagaya City, Tokyo, Japan), released on September 3 the use of resin and aluminum composite materials for substrates, which reduced the weight of solar panels by about half. T-Light Solar ". It was jointly developed with Handan Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. (Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture).

The base material uses a composite of resin and aluminum and weighs approximately one-half of the original T-Light Solar. (Source: Sun Industry Company)

Solar panels so far use glass substrates and are reinforced with aluminum frames. This time, the panels were made of a base material made by bonding thin aluminum sheets to a honeycomb structure resin that was arranged in a regular hexagonal prism shape.

A polysilicon solar cell and a protective film were attached to the surface of the aluminum plate of this composite material to form a solar cell panel. The company said that since the aluminum plate serves as both the substrate and the frame, there is no need to use a frame.

Since the weight of the substrate is reduced and no frame is required, the weight of the polysilicon solar panel is reduced from about 12 to 15 kg per square meter to about 7 kg, which is reduced by about 41 to 53%.

Sun Industry also stated that compared with existing solar panels, the new panels have not only excellent rigidity, but also fewer restrictions on the installation position, so the load and restrictions on the platform can be reduced accordingly. As a result, the weight of the platform can be reduced and the cost can be reduced.

Due to the reduced weight of the panel, roofs that could not be installed because they did not meet the crystalline silicon panel load conditions were also available.

Sun Industry estimates that the installation of such roofs, such as factory-used slate roofs (stone-laminated roofs), will increase.

T-Light Solar's maximum output power is 147W, the size is 1300mm×1000mm, the thickness is 14mm, and the weight is about 9.1kg. Sales will begin officially in 2014.

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