Henan Power New Material Co., Ltd. won the title of National High-tech Enterprise

Established in 2010, Henan Power New Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-grade synthetic diamonds. The company covers an area of ​​215 mu, the first phase construction area is 69,000 square meters, and the total investment is 380 million yuan. The installation equipment is the industry-leading large-scale diamond six-face pressing machine. At present, it has formed a monthly high-quality sawing grade of 18 million carats. Diamond production capacity. After the first phase of the press is fully installed, the annual diamond production will reach 500 million carats. The company was awarded the title of “Henan Province Top 60 High-tech Industry” by the Department of Industry and Information Industry of Henan Province. The company has established the provincial “Diamond Abrasive Materials Engineering Technology Center” approved by Henan Science and Technology Department. In 2011, the governor of Henan Province, The leaders of the Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial People's Congress and the Chairman of the Henan Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference and other leaders visited the Power New Materials Company to inspect and guide the work, and fully affirmed the company's scale and development speed. In October 2012, Henan Power New Material Co., Ltd. was named the 2012 High-Tech Enterprise by layer screening.

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