High Impact and an-Ti UV Plastic ABS for TV Shell

Model NO.: CK-R-012
Application: General & Special Use
Mfi(G/10min): 2
Granule Diameter: 2.5mm
Property: Plastic Raw Material
Trademark: CADIT
Transport Package: Plastic Bag
Specification: 25kg/bag
Origin: Guangdong, China
HS Code: 3903191000
High Impact and An-ti UV Plastic ABS for TV Shell

High Impact and an-Ti UV Plastic ABS for TV Shell

1. Blow molding grade
2. Injection molding grade
3. Film grade
4. Extrusion grade

ABS specifications
Test Item Test Methods Unit Typical Values
Tensile Stress GB/T1040-92 Mpa 28-40
Flexural Stress GB/T 9341-2000 Mpa 48
Flexural Modulus GB/T9341-2000 Mpa ≥1600
Notched Impact Strength GB/T1043-93 KJ/m2 ≥10
Elongation At Break GB/T1040-92 % 40-80
Heat Distortion Temperature GB/T1634-2004 °C ≥85
MFR GB/T 3682-2000 g/10min 10-40
Flammability GB/T 2408-1996 UL94 V-0
Testing Condition 23±2°C, 50±5%RH

Good tensile properties
Highly puncture-resistant, flexible and soft
With excellent film thickness deviation
High planeness of bags made by it
Environmntal friendly

Company information
Kadide Plastic Group is the largest and most professional manufacturer which specialized in modified engineering plastic, masterbatch, functional masterbatch, plastic additives and thermoplastic elastomer in China. The major production bases are founded in both eastern China and southern China.
Kadide has long-term commitment to independent research and development of various high performance new materials and new multifunctional plastic masterbatch, especially in PET modification,PA modification and PC/ABS alloy with global advanced technologies.

Kadide, all-round plastic materials modification expert.

High Impact and an-Ti UV Plastic ABS for TV Shell

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High Impact and an-Ti UV Plastic ABS for TV Shell

Our main products
Plastic raw material Color masrerbatches Filler masrerbatches Modified masterbatches Engineering plastics Thermoplastic elastomer
PP Black masrerbatch Baso4 filler masterbatch Flame retardent PC ASA TPE
PE White masrerbatch Caco3 filler masterbatch PC/ABS, PC/GF PBT TPU
PA Color masrerbatch Talc filler masterbatch Toughening masterbatch MPPE TPR
PC ... ... Anti static masterbatch ABS TPV
... ... ... Delustering masterbatch HIPS TPEE


Q1. How to order masterbatch?
Step 1: Confirm the carrier. The carrier of masterbatch must be the same with the material.
Step 2: Confirm the color. There are two ways:
a) Give a sample to us. We will make a same sample to you to confirm the color.
b) If you have no special requirement of the color, can tell us the color number (eg.Pantone), we will produce sample according to the color number and confirm with you. After confrimed the sample, we will produce th order.

Q2 How to use masterbatch?
A:Simple for using, just mix up with the resin granules according to the proportion under appropriate temperature.

Q3 The difference between the general use and the special purpose masterbatches?
(1) Special purpose masterbatch: used as the same material as carrier. For example, ABS products often use masterbasches based on ABS.
(2) General use masterbatch: Use one resin as carrier, but also can be used for coloring other resins.

Q4 Does the masterbatch need to be dried before use?
A:In general it can be used directly except ABS and some special masterbatches mentioned, which should be dried according to common method.

Q5 Does the masterbatches influence the property of products?
A:Some pigments have effect on flame resistance. If used for flame resistance products should be mentioned as first.

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