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In the past few years, the voices of the home stores have been declining, and the number of people in many stores has fallen sharply. But for the home furnishing giant, whether it is Red Star Macalline or the actual home, they are still actively sinking the channel further. The store has opened to the third- and fourth-tier cities, and Alibaba has also invested in the actual home, which is obviously full of I am optimistic about the offline entities of large homes.

For those who think that the offline channels are already surplus, it is full of incomprehension to continue to open stores. But in fact, in this era of dramatic changes, these relatively traditional home stores are also changing to cope with more intense competition.

When it comes to Suning, Gome and other famous home appliance chain stores, almost no one knows. In the impression of many people, it is the relationship with the home store that does not violate the river water, but today, the relationship between home, home store, home appliance, and home appliance store is more and more tend to merge, forming a new format.

Oupai Home Experience Pavilion

Six months ago, the Gome and Oupai Home Furnishing Strategic Cooperation Conference was successfully held at Beijing Gome headquarters. The two parties have reached a strategic agreement to jointly build the European cabinet home furnishing experience hall in Gome's national high-quality stores. With the help of each other's resources, they can mutually drain and empower each other, and carry out efficient interactive marketing to quickly promote the development of Gome's cabinet assembly business.

Gome executive Li Juntao said that with the upgrade of consumption, consumers need not a single product, but a complete set of space solutions. From the perspective of the global industry, in the excellent home appliance stores in Europe and the United States, cabinets and kitchen appliances are combined for display and sales. Therefore, "integration of cabinets and electricity" will be an inevitable trend for the development of cabinets and kitchen appliances in the future. The "Home · Life" strategy coincides.

Liu Jun, general manager of Oupai Home Cabinets, said that Oupai is a leading domestic cabinet enterprise with annual sales of nearly 10 billion yuan, high-quality products and a perfect dealer system. As the first home appliance chain channel in China, Gome has absolute store advantages and promotion capabilities. It is expected that the construction of 100 Gome store cabinet experience centers will be completed within the year .

Actually Home Merchants

On July 30, 2018, Actually Home held an unexpected home appliance and smart home investment summit to discuss the future of the integrated development of the home KA store and the home appliance industry under new retail.

The opportunity for this strategic adjustment is that the home has expanded the area of ​​Beisihuandian electrical appliances and smart home area from 2300 square meters to 7000 square meters. Li Shaofang, director of China Merchants National Operation, pointed out in the introduction of the transformation plan that the transformation was not just the expansion of the electrical appliances and smart home area, but the creation of an experience center for home appliances and smart home systems in the North Fourth Ring Store of Juran Home. It is necessary to introduce high-end imported brands, first-line domestic big-name brands and international electromechanical systems, as well as build smart home appliance systems that target high-end consumer groups.

The strategic goal of Smart Home's smart home appliance system is to complete the layout of eight stores in Beijing within one year, complete the layout of all branches within two years, and reach the first in operating area and sales performance within three years.

At the China Merchants Fair, the home and the first-line brands such as Contral, TCL, Energy Rate, Gree, Vantage Kitchen Appliances, Siemens, Haier Appliances, Boss Appliances, Io Smith, Midea Appliances, Fangtai Appliances, Yunmi, Changhong, Morgan, etc. Formally signed a contract and formed a strategic partner.

The home store is facing a period of transition from a single structure to a cross-border, and the entry of home appliance brands into the home store does meet the needs of market trends and consumer interests. Home shopping malls and home appliance brands, with their respective brand influences and mutually compatible business models, provide convenience for consumers with cumbersome home improvement projects. In addition, home appliance brands can also bring a certain rental income for home stores. Taken together, it can be described as a multi-pronged one, and what is certain is that various cross-border integrations will appear more frequently in the future.

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Spray Grain Texture PU Sandwich Panels

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