How to deal with harmful gases exceeding the standard

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How do the wood furniture do the treatment of harmful gases exceeding the standard? "Under the same conditions, the board with higher environmental performance must have less glue. If two pieces of the same volume are used, the environmental protection must be guaranteed to use the same species. The granules are larger (because the large granules also represent a larger contact surface and the rubber used is relatively less) and the lighter weight (because it is the original taste and weight of the wood). The relatively heavy ones The block is naturally formed by adding too much glue, so it is unreasonable for many consumers to judge the quality of the board by weight alone.

Paint warning to use engineering paint

Newly sent furniture, what do you worry most about? Maybe many people will have the impression that the smell of new furniture is much stronger than the sample. Sometimes a new small wardrobe may make the whole room full of irritating Odor, this is the evil of VOC and formaldehyde in the paint. Jia Baoli paints Shaanxi general agent Feng Jian to tell reporters that because the furniture has much higher requirements on the color, water resistance, saturation, transparency and adhesion than the wall coating, the traditional furniture painting must use paint. The chemical volatile components of the paint are more toxic and more volatile, which has become a serious carrier for the excessive consumption of harmful gases in the furniture. Nowadays, a well-recognized practice in the industry is to use water-based paint, which is mainly replaced by water of banana water. Water-based materials are non-toxic, while banana water is a well-known toxic chemical component; water-based materials volatilize only water, not chemical components, by which the harmful gases in the paint are resolved.

Of course, in recent years, many consumers choose to buy finished furniture in order to buy environmentally friendly products, but in fact some unscrupulous manufacturers use engineering paints for ordinary furniture in order to pursue profits, which is undoubtedly for consumers. Safety lays a huge hidden danger, so it is best to choose products with high brand credibility and high recognition when purchasing finished furniture.

Unit area superposition effect

The materials used are absolutely green and the paint surface used is not problematic, but why is the final indoor air test still not up to standard? In the process of completing the dream of a new home, many people will have such confusion, why can't the qualified products be? Bringing qualified air quality? Li Zhiqiang, the director of engineering for urban people, said: “When consumers buy furniture or choose plates, they must consider the amount of space used, paint usage, furniture usage and fabrics. The more materials used, the greater the amount of harmful gas released per unit area, so the environmental protection of indoor air is worse. If a certain material is accumulated in a unit area, it may cause harmful effects in the area. The gas exceeds the standard, so the decoration should fully consider the practicality, but also minimize the amount of material used, so as to effectively control the release of harmful gases. If a large amount of materials must be used, then the environmental performance of each material The stricter it is.

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