How to decorate the kitchen? Clear the steps and start again

The importance of kitchen decoration in the entire home improvement is believed to be known by everyone. So how to decorate the kitchen? There are not many kitchen renovation steps. Simply put, it is design, construction, and finally cabinet electrical appliances. What are the precautions for each of these steps? Today's talk about how to decorate the kitchen!

How to decorate kitchen steps

Style estimate budget

First you must know what kitchen you want. Before preparing for the renovation, first understand the market trends and market conditions. The cabinet market is rich in products, updated quickly, and should never buy anything without knowing it. After determining the style, estimate the approximate budget based on your own situation so as to control the future renovation.

How to decorate the kitchen step two

Communicating with decorators

How to decorate the kitchen, this involves two designers. One is the designer of your home decorating company and the other is the cabinet designer. Although most families now choose to assign kitchen design duties to cabinet designers, kitchen design is inextricably linked to the designer of the entire house, such as the transformation of the layout of the kitchen, the setting of basic functions, and the choice of tile colors. The designers have a lot to say. In addition, the layout of the concealed project is also drawn by the designer, and the condition of the cable can also reflect the requirements for the kitchen.

How to decorate the kitchen

Buy building materials and electrical appliances

To learn how to decorate the kitchen, in addition to design knowledge, we must also purchase tiles, stoves, etc. at the right time. Generally speaking, in the carpentry phase, the owner should start purchasing ceramic tiles and kitchen appliances. To buy stoves, range hoods and sinks, kitchen cabinet designers can start designing cabinets based on the size of these things.

How to Renovate Kitchen Step 4

Brand and cabinet service providers

After choosing the brand you want based on the results of your own market research, you should contact the cabinet designer. Cabinets are the largest pieces of furniture in the kitchen. You must do your homework before you come into contact with cabinet designers. To personally measure the size of your kitchen, and then take the basic dimensions, communicate with the cabinet company's designers, so that the basic prices and configuration of the cabinets are known.

How to Renovate Kitchen Step Five

Buy refrigerator

After the cabinets are installed, it is finally their turn to buy various small household appliances such as refrigerators and microwave ovens, and hardware accessories. Remember to measure the size before buying the refrigerator. If small household appliances such as microwave ovens are to be hung on the wall, they must be bought in advance. The hardware accessories must be configured according to the actual situation. These can be installed by the master of the decoration team.

Editor's summary: After reading this article, I believe that everyone knows how to decorate the kitchen. In addition to these necessary steps, it is necessary to pay attention to the installation of the cabinet. The cabinet installation should pay attention to whether the door seams and edges are flush, and whether the smoking hood and the stove are flush with the cabinets.

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