How to Quickly Solve VGA Long Line Driver Frequently Asked Questions

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First, VGA long line driver overview

1. With the popularization of information-based offices, more and more VGA long-line drivers are used in industrial control, medical equipment, and security monitoring.

Long-line driver is used to solve the problem of image signal (video, computer VGA, HDTV HDTV) in the long-distance transmission, because the cable is too long and the signal loss causes the image to be blurred, darkened, trailing, etc. Composite video, Y/C color difference component video, RGB, RGBHV, YPbPr, YCbCr component video transmission distance and image quality.

2. The VGA long-line driver often encounters image problems in the process of use, such as insufficient clarity, tailing, blur, color cast, etc. How to do it? Here we give specific solutions to common problems. In general, after the following treatment, satisfactory results will be obtained.

Second, there are images but the image jitters up and down:

1, the cause of the fault: generally long-line driver adjustment HV signal adjustment switch is not adjusted.

2. Solution: Use a small screwdriver equipped to slowly adjust the adjustment knob on the far end of the extender to a satisfactory image state.

Third, images and fonts have tailing phenomenon:

1, the general causes of the general failure; 1. Crystal head is not pressed well, the contact resistance is large 2. The remote adjustment switch is not adjusted well. 3. VGA long-line driver RGB amplification is not adjusted well, resulting in RGB signal attenuation in the transmission line Severe 4. The network cable quality is poor or the network cable distance exceeds the using distance and distance, and the network cable quality is normal.

2. Solution: Adjust the remote knob, re-press the crystal head, use a good quality crystal head, to ensure good contact. Use a good brand of cable (super 5 cable is better), the transmission distance is longer, please use our recommended The brand cable, transmission VGA line using copper core good quality cable to reduce attenuation.

Fourth, the image appears lack of color, adjust the switch can not be resolved

1. Cause of the fault: The VGA interface of the VGA long-line driver has a poor connection problem. The VGA connector has the problem of the signal line or the signal grounding on the grounding line.

2. Solution: Check the VGA port or replace the VGA cable, check whether bad contact problems and test whether all pass, heavy pressure or redo the crystal head. Distance short tail is generally shielded crystal head and network cable is not properly grounded Problems, solutions, grounding, and use of shielded crystal heads.

5. The remote monitor has no image and the indicator light is off:

1, the cause of the failure: Generally speaking, the VGA interface is not connected and the cable problem.

2. Solution: Check the VGA port and cable section to ensure smooth and good contact. Check whether the cable and connector are in good contact and contact.

Six, the image has water ripples:

1. Cause of failure: Generally there is strong electromagnetic interference nearby.

2. Solution: The wiring disturbs the interference source. The VGA cable cannot be used for cable assembly. The AC interference can be easily crosstalked to the signal cable. There is also a 50Hz low-frequency interference between the equipment power supply and the power supply ground.

Seventh, equipment lights do not shine, there is no image:

1, the cause of the failure: Generally there is no equipment power supply and equipment damage.

2. Solution: Check whether the 220V power supply of the equipment is power supply;

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