Hydropower advantage

Water energy

Water energy is an inexhaustible, renewable and clean energy source. However, in order to utilize natural hydropower for hydroelectric power generation, it is necessary to manually construct hydraulic structures that can concentrate water flow and regulate flow, such as dams and water pipes. Therefore, the project has a large investment and a long construction period. However, the hydropower generation efficiency is high, the power generation cost is low, the unit starts up quickly, and the adjustment is easy. Due to the use of natural water flow, it is greatly affected by natural conditions. Hydropower is often an important component of the comprehensive utilization of water resources, and it is a comprehensive utilization system for water resources with shipping, aquaculture, irrigation, flood control and tourism.

Power generation

Hydropower is a renewable energy source with less impact on the environment. In addition to providing cheap electricity, it also has the following advantages: controlling flooding, providing irrigation water, improving river shipping, and improving the transportation, electricity supply and economy of the region, especially tourism and aquaculture. The comprehensive development plan of the Tennessee River in the United States is the first large-scale water conservancy project to drive overall economic development.

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