Kitchen sink purchase considerations

The sink in the kitchen is a place that is not too eye-catching. People generally don't pay attention to it. However, it can't be underestimated in the kitchen. It is related to the convenience of life in the future. Precautions.

Tip 1: The size of the sink

There is no problem with the length to pay attention to, but the width is very important. The width should refer to the width of the countertop. The width of the standard table is 55CM and 60CM. If there is something special, the 50cm of the old house is mostly. The width of the selected tank of the 55CM counter should be less than 45cm. The width of the selected tank of the 60CM countertop can be installed without exceeding 50CM, but the width of the selected tank of the 50CM countertop is narrower than the width of the tank. The maximum width cannot exceed 41CM. This is very important.

Tip 2: The material of the sink

The sink is also called the kitchen pot. The material should be made of steel with the number 304. Since the steel of 304 has a low carbon content, the steel has good flexibility. It can be said that this steel, Ordinary pistol bullets can't be worn. The sinks of several brands that entered Bai'anju were selected from 304 steel, and the thickness of the sink was 1.0mm.

Tip 3: How to use the sink

There are two ways to consume the water tank. One is a one-time stamping with water flow, and the other is a welded one. The welding sink is divided into the bottom welding, the middle butt welding, the wheel welding, etc. First, its sealing is good, but the depth of this sink is not deep, usually the depth does not exceed 18mm and the deep bottom of the weld can reach 21mm, so customers should choose a deeper sink, be sure to pay attention to the welding. What is the level of tightness?

Tip 4: There is no maintenance coating on the bottom of the sink

A maintenance coating is added to the bottom of the sink for quiet and anti-condensation. A better coating is to use a mortar to spray the entire back of the sink. Normally, a rubber gasket is attached to the bottom to provide a silent sound effect.

Tip 5: How to install the sink

There are two types, on-stage and under-the-counter, so there are two types of basins, the above counter basin and the under counter basin, which are usually made on the table top, but in recent years, the under-stage wind has been quietly blown. The under-the-counter style is more beautiful, giving people a fresh feeling. It is easier to manage the countertops, but the cabinet company has to pay more processing fees for the under-stage. Usually, the above counter basins can be made both on the table top and under the table type, while the under counter basin can only be made into the understage type.

Tip 6: How to dispose of the sink

After the sink is disposed of by the exterior, the ability to prevent oil stains is greatly enhanced. Commonly, the matte surface, the pearly silver surface, the swirl surface, each has its own characteristics.

Tip 7: Sink accessories for the sink

The water pipe of the sink should be selected from PVC water pipes.  

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