Lack of standard furniture policy, multiple merchants have excessive formaldehyde content

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After the government put forward the accelerated pace of “urbanization” construction, the housing-related industries have been more developed, more prospects, and residential industrialization initiatives have also standardized and serialized furniture and ancillary products in residential buildings. And industrialization has played a driving role. For the Chinese furniture industry, its market potential is great. However, for some businesses, there have been shortcomings in product environmental standards.

Recently, the problem of “zero formaldehyde” in furniture has begun to be mentioned by consumers. For a long time, the word “formaldehyde” has been plaguing the entire furniture industry. "Formaldehyde" itself is a gas with a strong pungent odor, because of its strong pungent odor, making it a "tumor" in decoration pollution. When the proportion of formaldehyde in the air reaches a certain level, it will cause people to suffer poisoning. The most serious one will immediately cause death.

Nowadays, many furniture companies do not care about the physical and mental health of consumers when they produce their products. They only pay attention to their own interests and thus “unscrupulous means”, and excessively increase the proportion of formaldehyde. When consumers buy furniture, they are personally responsible for furniture. The understanding is minimal, so it is easy to be deceived. When the furniture is bought back, the furniture is placed in the room for a long time, which makes the proportion of formaldehyde in the room gradually increase, which will eventually lead to poisoning, and many furniture companies today The occurrence of class events indicates an attitude of "no responsibility", and consumers' rights and interests have been hit, thus making consumers "excessively careful" when purchasing furniture.

Just a few days ago, the Beijing Consumers Association conducted a market quality mattress test in the Beijing area. The test results showed that in addition to the unqualified physical materials such as mattress materials and quality, there were 25 samples in 50 mattress samples. There is a problem of excessive formaldehyde content, and the failure rate is as high as 50%. It is understood that, nowadays, many brands of furniture stores, no matter what kind of furniture, businesses will claim "no formaldehyde", but the certificate and quality inspection report for their products can not be obtained.

For the occurrence of such conditions, national policies lack certain standards. Enterprises that have not obtained product certification and quality inspection reports cannot push their products to the market. A product standard policy can be introduced for large, medium and small enterprises. The company's products are evaluated. When the product meets the eligibility criteria, it is recognized by the state, and the company's products can appear on the market. For enterprises, after the products they produce have been recognized by the state, they have a stronger sense of superiority for their products, the industry's atmosphere will be squared, consumers will also rely more on the business, and its rights will be more More protection.

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