Laminate flooring purchase knowledge

The composite floor is very widely used, but most people pay more attention to the quality of the floor, and ignore the quality of the floor line. Because the type of floorboard and the material of the composite floor are many, the quality is uneven.

Introduction to the floor material: At present, the skirts sold on the market mainly include logs, medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard and new material PVC polymer foaming materials.

Among them: the log line can not be denied, certainly the quality and environmental protection are better, but the price is not cheap, the density fiberboard floor line price is general, but there is the problem of water absorption deformation, daily maintenance needs to be careful. PVC polymer foaming materials account for a large market share because of its characteristics of no lead, no ammonia, free formaldehyde and other harmful gases. Other materials should pay attention to the limit value of formaldehyde emission.

If you buy a poor quality skirting line, it will have a certain degree of influence on itself and the quality of the floor. Therefore, when selecting the floor, the owner should also spend some time thinking about the difference in the quality of the floor and the quality of the home improvement. turn off.

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