Modern interior decoration features modern interior decoration features

For the diversification of the current decoration style, choosing a home decoration style that suits you is a problem for some users who do not know how to decorate. The interior decoration pattern is very strange. It is necessary to decide the final design according to personal habits and habits. results and decor, modern interior decoration style how, here I come to you a brief introduction. I hope to be helpful.


A: What is the modern decoration style, modern style is a more popular style, the pursuit of fashion and trend, paying great attention to the perfect combination of the layout and use of the living room space.

Two: What is the main point of modern interior style decoration?

1: Space composition. The simple style decoration pursues the flexibility and practicability of the space. In the design, it should penetrate each other according to the functional relationship between the spaces, so as to maximize the utilization of the space. The division of space is not limited to the wall. If necessary, we can use the furniture and some decorations in the home to divide the space to achieve the flexible mobility of the space.

2: Decorative materials. In the choice of materials, it is no longer limited to traditional wood, stone, tile and other natural materials, but expanded to glass, plastic, metal, paint and synthetic materials, using a structural relationship between the materials to show a difference In the traditional style of high-tech indoor space atmosphere, it is necessary to pay special attention to the special connection between the material and the material to achieve the desired effect.

3: Accessories selection. In the modern and simple style, the choice of interior furniture, displays and lamps should be based on the overall design. The choice of furniture should be in accordance with people's living habits and body characteristics. Lighting should pay attention to the combination of the lighting effects of different rooms. The display of the products should be as individual and aesthetic as possible.

4: Color design. The minimalist style decoration is mostly decorated with geometric lines, and the selected colors are also relatively bright and bright, and the color design is greatly influenced by the modern painting genre. Eternal art themes of universal significance are often pursued by emphasizing the contrast coordination between the primary colors.


Three: What are the matters needing attention in modern interior decoration style?

1: Practical aspects, we need to think more. Some people like to emulate others blindly. If they see good-looking, they will imitate them. If they don't combine their own structures, they will imitate the decoration style of others. When the structure results are completed, they will find themselves. There is no point in the decoration of the home. The most prominent feature of the modern minimalist style is the practicality. The too fancy decoration mix reduces the characteristics of the modern minimalist style itself.

2: The decoration must be in line with modernization. There is no need to pay too much attention to the decoration. In the decoration, we should spend a lot of thought on it.

3: Because modern style has simple and practical characteristics, we should design more simple styles in terms of design, but simplicity is not equal to simplicity. There is a big difference between the direct difference and the difference between the two, so don’t design Mixed up.

4: The matching of furniture must give people a comfortable, free feeling and experience. The medium material basically uses the unique simple lines and reflects its functional design.


Four: the characteristics of modern decoration style

1: Personalized space for color jump, 2: Simple and practical personalized space, 3; Multi-functional personality space.

I briefly introduced the characteristics of the interior decoration style and the things to be aware of when decorating, and the knowledge of design points. I hope that I can help and learn from the users who want to decorate such styles. I want to know more about home decoration. Information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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