More than two grades in Baoji City

Baoji City Level II or above hospital building police office
The “Special Action Plan for Maintaining Medical Order against Combating Illegal Crimes” developed by the Baoji City Bureau of Health, Baoji Comprehensive Management Office, Baoji Municipal Public Security Bureau and other 10 departments has been launched in the city since March. The year maintains the medical order, cracks down on special actions involving illegal and criminal acts involving doctors, and severely punishes illegal and criminal activities that violate the personal safety of doctors and patients and disrupt the normal medical order. At present, the operation has entered a centralized rehabilitation stage.
I. Criminal liability for constituting a crime
The special action is divided into three phases. March is the work deployment phase. From April to September, it is a centralized rehabilitation phase. From October to December, it is a summary assessment phase.
According to the plan, the public security organs must strengthen the security inspections of medical institutions and the patrolling of the surrounding areas. They must take all effective measures to take defensive uniforms and severely punish the illegal criminals who injure the personal safety of medical personnel and patients.
Burning paper money, setting up mourning halls, placing wreaths, and making trouble at medical institutions; illegally stopping corpses or refusing to move corpses to mortuaries or social statutory morgues in accordance with the regulations; the corpse will cause nuisance or cause trouble; the dissuade will be invalid; Seek harassment in medical institutions; insult, threaten, intimidate, intentionally injure medical personnel, or unlawfully limit the personal freedom of medical personnel; impact or contain medical institutions, occupy offices, clinics, affect normal medical treatment, work order, and infringe on the people’s legality. Medical treatment rights and interests; deliberately damaging or stealing or robbing public and private property in medical institutions; illegally carrying flammable and explosive dangerous goods and control devices into medical institutions and reselling registered medical institution vouchers; The timely control of the scene, the maintenance of normal medical order, and the refusal to persuade and refrain from stopping radical acts must be investigated and dealt with in accordance with the law, and the crimes that constitute crimes shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.
Through combing and arranging the clues of occupational “doctors”, “medical care providers” and “number-monitors” in the area under its jurisdiction, special forces are organized to collect fixed evidence and organize crackdowns. For professionally fabricating, finding, intervening in contradictions among doctors and patients, deliberately expanding the situation, finding trouble, and extorting professional medical services from medical personnel and medical institutions, public security agencies must crack down on them, resolutely investigate and punish them, and convicted crimes should be investigated according to the law. Its criminal responsibility. Strengthen the maintenance of the order around the medical institutions and rectification of points, focus on cracking down, investigate and punish "medicine care" and "serious traffickers" according to law, and create a good medical environment for patients.
Second, the hospital vital position 24-hour monitoring
The "Proposal" proposes that in the aspect of improving the security protection capabilities of medical institutions, it is necessary to implement internal policing security responsibilities of medical institutions and strengthen the construction of security systems for medical institutions. Medical institutions at all levels must establish and improve the intrusions in accordance with the industry norms required by the "Opinions on Security and Construction." Alarm system, video monitoring system, entrance and exit control system and electronic inspection system, to achieve the interconnection of four systems. All tertiary hospitals will complete construction tasks by the end of 2014. The secondary hospitals will complete construction tasks by the end of 2015; a safety monitoring center will be set up to conduct 24-hours-a-day monitoring of all critical locations in the hospital to ensure that important sites are maintained. Video surveillance covers 100% coverage, and monitoring data is kept for no less than 30 days. Level 2 or above hospitals establish police stations to fulfill the requirements of the police or police stationed at the hospital.
Medical institutions will also strengthen inspections and guards and improve the linkage mechanism between police and doctors. In the mediation work of medical disputes, the judicial administrative agencies will work with the health and other departments to strive to enable the people's mediation network to cover 100% of the county-level administrative regions by the end of 2014, vigorously promote medical liability insurance, and strive to cover secondary medical institutions.

Potassium methoxide Chemical & Physical Properties
Density 0.95 g/mL at 20 °C
Boiling Point 84°C
Melting Point -20°C
Molecular Formula CH3KO
Molecular Weight 70.132

Flash Point 7°C

Potassium Methoxide

Exact Mass 69.982094
PSA 23.06000
LogP 0.04670
Index of Refraction n20/D 1.37
Storage condition Flammables area
Stability Stable. Reacts violently with water. Moisture sensitive. Absorbs carbon dioxide from the air. Incompatible with acids, strong oxidizing agents, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides, alkali metals.

Water Solubility may decompose

potassium methoxide Application

Used as a condensing agent, a catalyst for producing methyl formate, a strong basic catalyst for dimethylformamide, and also used as a pharmaceutical raw material.

Potassium Methoxide CAS No.865-33-8

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