Never allow the failure to report a reported accident

According to reports, the Hunan Provincial Security Commission Office reported a series of major coal mine safety production accidents in Lengshuijiang City and reported the warnings and interviewed the mayor of Lengshuijiang City People's Government. According to the report, on September 23, 2013, a gas accident occurred in the Baiyun Coal Mine in Mine Township, Lengshuijiang City, killing three people. On November 14, a gas accident occurred in the Mugua Coal Mine at the Shidu Town of the city, causing five deaths. After these two accidents, they were all reported locally. As the saying goes, dead people are a big thing. Even the "great things" dare to hide, it shows that the courage is really not small. We avoid the state's handling of reported accidents and the accountability for reported incidents. The report of an accident is in fact extremely disrespectful to the deceased, that is, disrespectful of life and contrary to the humanitarian spirit. It is perhaps not exaggerating to use “devoid of conscience” to describe obituary behavior and to use “funny-heartedness” to describe contending for fame and gain.

Coal mines are high-risk industries and should be a model for safe production and enforcement of laws and regulations. However, in some areas, some coal mining companies have become typical examples of negative thinking. The author feels that, under strict regulations and heavy penalties, in the face of the “red line” high pressure, the reason why mine accidents are reported is that, on the one hand, it is for profit. Once an accident is reported to the relevant departments and units, it will surely be subject to severe economic penalties. The salary and salary of employees and the awards of leading cadres at the end of the year will be greatly affected; on the other hand, they will be fortunate enough. Since there are not many people who think that they are dead, the scope of knowing is not great. As long as the family of the deceased is soothed, it will surely be able to survive. Therefore, some of the local governments and mines have taken the form of concluding offensive and defensive alliances to block the real news and staged a farce for the deception of the enemy.

From the incidents of mine disasters to the misreporting of production safety incidents, the failure to report the wind has not reached a point where it is impossible. In order to control the death index, some regions, departments, and units would like to report an accident involving one death. If they don't want to report it, they will not report it; if they find it, they will not report it and they will not report it. The accident statistics in the area were not true and the accident analysis was inaccurate.

The failure to report and report incidents is not allowed by laws and regulations. All levels of safety supervision and supervision departments must severely punish the deliberate concealment or concealment of government-business collusion according to law, resolutely investigate and deal with intentional leaks, and never tolerate it to protect human rights. And the respect of the law.

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