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Lanpin Building Materials specializes in manufacturing all-steel anti-static floors x3e1142n, ceramic anti-static floors, anti-static floor prices, all major cities in the country have all steel network floor after-sales service outlets, support bank transfers, online payments, deposit and exchange orders, face-to-face transactions Cash on delivery, payment by barter, credit card, cash transaction, Alipay, Tenpay, paypal, payment to delivery, etc., are popular nationwide and trustworthy.

China Hardware Business Network Shanghai Lanpin Building Material Development Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the fields of industry, agriculture, building materials and flooring since its incorporation on 2003-04-29. At present, branches and offices have spread across many cities and regions across the country. Established a product distribution and service network centered on Hangzhou City and Gongshu District, covering the whole country. Extension and expansion details: why the anti-static floor cracks. The anti-static floor has gradually become the standard in most computer rooms. In the process of communicating with customers, many customers have encountered problems that they have cracked or bubbles in the floor before them. For this Questions, let's discuss and understand together. Why the anti-static floor cracks causes the anti-static floor cracking and blistering factors are generally, one is the environmental factors of the computer room, and the other is the quality factors of the floor itself. Environmental factors, if the ambient temperature and humidity of the equipment room do not reach the national standard, the veneer of the anti-static floor will shrink and produce bubbles and cracks. Product itself factors, generally high-quality anti-static floor using 1.0mm HPL veneer or 2.0mm PVC veneer. The anti-static floor of poor quality uses the HPLO surface of less than 0.7mm thickness or the PVC surface of 1.0mm. The thinner the veneer is, the easier it is to crack bubbles. Foaming caused by dampness in the environment and other factors, you can consider not using HPL veneers, instead of using other veneers, such as ceramic veneers, this problem should be avoided. If it is not caused by environmental factors, it is necessary to consider whether the quality of the floor itself. Shanghai Lanpin Building Material Development Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the development, research and manufacture of "Lanpin" brand series of raised floors, and a member unit of the Anti-static Branch of China Electronics Association. Our company is an all-steel anti-static floor (melamine, PVC, ceramic surface), calcium sulfate anti-static floor, aluminum alloy anti-static floor, borderless anti-static floor, border anti-static floor, ventilation anti-static floor, OA intelligent building A high-tech enterprise integrating the sales, technical consultation and service of network floors. The company now has a sophisticated and experienced construction team to ensure the final realization of the overall effect of the computer room and anti-static performance. It is the first in China to launch life-long maintenance, repair and replacement of anti-static flooring, which truly relieves users of worries and has become a new bright spot in the industry.

"Continuously meet your needs and continuously exceed your expectations" is the goal pursued by Lanpin Building Materials people! Lanpin Building Materials is committed to providing high-quality and reasonable all-steel network floors, and winning the needs of our customers with high-quality products and services! Want to know more about the anti-static floor in the computer room, welcome to visit-:, Lanpin Building Materials is looking forward to your consultation! China Hardware Business Network
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