Precautions for maintaining crystal lamps

Precautions for maintaining the crystal lamp:

1. Safe operation: The cleaning and maintenance of large crystal chandeliers often require high-altitude operations, and must pay great attention to staff safety, work platform safety and lamp safety. Generally only need to clean one or two times a year, you can keep the bright and new, glamorous good results.

2. Lamp replacement: In the process of cleaning, if the lamp is replaced, it is recommended to use brand-name products with good quality and long service life to avoid the problem that “the east is not bright and the west is bright”, which affects the appearance.

3. Crystal ball dust removal: If there are conditions, previously used low-grade crystal beads, you can consider changing the high-quality crystal beads of good quality; the current high quality crystal beads surface has dust-proof treatment process, not easy to dust, the effect is better . In general, you should pay attention to avoid damage to the crystal lighting caused by soot, in order to keep the crystal ball or the crystal wafer long-lasting crystal clear.

4. Lamp holder refurbishment: The real gold-plated lamp holder can generally be kept for three to five years or longer without tarnishing; it can be re-refurbished after three years, which means a brand new feeling.

5. Regular inspection: The safety and stability of the luminaires that are hung in important locations or where people come and go should be the first. Headlights often weigh hundreds of kilograms, and in the event of a fall, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, people should be regularly sent to inspect the embedded parts and load-bearing hooks and hanging chains hidden in the ceiling to prevent aging and not notice, resulting in an accident.

6. Timely update: If possible, check the performance of the built-in wires at the same time. If it is sticky or aging, replace it to ensure safety.

7.Professional maintenance: large-scale lamps, complicated wiring (with grading and lighting), it is best to hire the lighting company's professional and technical personnel to clean, maintain, not much cost, easy to repair and safe and reliable.

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