Prevention and treatment of pepper rot disease

The onset of capsicum rot disease has caused headaches for pepper farmers because it reduces the yield of peppers and reduces the quality. The China Pesticide Network has compiled a series of disease prevention and control materials for farmers' reference:
Soaking seeds: use 30% of the phenylephrine (pothenapyl) emulsion to soak the seeds with water 1000 times for 5-7 hours, then take the medicine and germination until sowing.
Seedbed soil disinfection: 95% of the carbendazim powder per square meter of seedbed surface (green heng 1 1 gram water 34 grams sprayed soil. 1 gram of green hen 1 powder to 15-20 kilograms of fine soil, Mix well, take 1/3 of the soil on the surface of the sputum (pour the bottom of the seedling bed before application, once poured, generally penetrate 17-20 cm deep, spray the soil after water seepage), and then put it after sowing The remaining 2/3 of the soil is covered on the seed, that is, overlying the underpad.
Spraying pesticides at the seedling stage to prevent rickets: Spray with 3% of Guangling (Moldy Mildew), 800 times of water, or spray with 150% of 15% carbendazim (water fungus).
After colonization, spray or single plant watering 50% carbendazim (chlorobromoisocyanuric acid) water-soluble powder 1500 times solution, or 35% Fu before the onset. A (dry) WP 1000 times solution, or 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 700 times solution, or 50% carbendazim WP or 40% polysulfur suspension 600 times solution, also available Compounding agent, such as 20% copper (the copper rosinate) emulsifiable concentrate 700 times liquid and then 1500 times mixed with 1.4% "Dingwang" (reactive sodium + carbendazim + metalaxyl) aqueous solution, single plant Watering, 300 grams of water per plant, 1200 grams of ground water per square meter. The pesticide network reminds everyone that once every 7-10 days, continuous rooting or pouring 2-3 times, one of them can also use 300-500 times liquid spray or root irrigation.

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