Qinghai Innovative Crop Seed Industry System Creates Plateau Ecological "Granary"

The highland barley harvest season is coming, and Lei Yanshan, a farmer from Quankou Town, Menyuan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, who has planted the latest highland barley variety "Kunlun 14," has just signed a sales contract with the acquiring company. The 800 mu of barley he planted in the village cooperatives is expected to produce 272 tons, an increase of 32 tons from the old varieties 10 years ago.

Thanks to the major scientific and technological special project of "Innovation System Construction of Modern Seed Industry of Qinghai Plateau Characteristic Crops" led by Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology, a number of project demonstration households, like Lei Yanshan, promoted the cultivation of hybrid rapeseed, virus-free potatoes, and grain and grass. High-quality new varieties such as barley and special vegetables have transformed the disadvantages of cold climate into green, safe and efficient income-increasing advantages, and the prospect of sustainable agricultural development is broad.

"One seed can change the world, the development of modern agriculture hopes that science and technology, the key is the seed." Zhang Chaoyuan, deputy director of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology, but the characteristic crops such as rape, potato, barley, etc., which dominate the plateau agriculture, have long been incompatible with improved breeding techniques 1. Short-term constraints such as low disaster resistance, low output, and weak market competitiveness.

To this end, from March 2017, the Qinghai Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences and three scientific research units and enterprises started the implementation of major scientific and technological projects, based on the technical content of the modern seed industry "breeding and propagating" the entire industrial chain, through the research of (multiple) seed technology Integrated technology systems, such as the application of seed processing supporting technologies, have formed a number of high-altitude seed production bases based on Qinghai and serving the whole country with standardized, large-scale, intensive and mechanized plateaus.

It is understood that the researchers have built a total of 34,500 mu of seed production bases in the eastern agricultural area of ​​Qinghai and Hainan Prefecture and parts of Gansu Province, resulting in a direct output value of 69.77 million yuan and a profit of 6.454 million yuan. With the project as the carrier and the distribution of rights and interests as the link, the modern seed industry technology innovation model of “breeding, propagating and promoting integration” has promoted a total of 229,000 mu of demonstration farmland, resulting in an output value of 731 million yuan, driving farmers in the radiation area to increase income by 87.59 million yuan.

Chi Dezhao, the chief scientist of the project and a researcher of Qinghai Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, said that the competitiveness of Qinghai ’s agricultural products and the ability to guarantee seed supply are being greatly improved. The science and technology department will continue to promote good varieties in similar areas to promote the prosperity of the rural industry on the plateau and the prosperity of farmers.

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