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Radial bearing related terms; English control

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Centripetal (rolling) bearing ridial (rolling) bearing
It is mainly used for rolling bearings with radial load and nominal touch between 0 and 45 degrees.
Radial contact (rolling) bearing
Angular touch radial (rolling) bearing angular contact radial (rolling) bearing
A centripetal rolling bearing with a nominal touch angle greater than 0 to 45 degrees.
Outer spherical (rolling) bearing insert (rolling) bearing
Tapered bore (rolling) bearing with spherical outer surface and wide inner ring with locking device
A centripetal rolling bearing with a tapered bore in the inner ring.
Flanged bearing
On one of its ferrules; usually a radial roller bearing with an outer radial flange on the outer or conical outer ring.
Roller (rolling bearing) track roller (rolling bearing)
A radial roller bearing with a thick section outer ring. For example, rolling on a cam guide.
Retaining ring type roller (rolling bearing) yoke type track roller
Roller bearing with a pair of flat retaining rings.
Bolt type roller (tumbling) bearing stud type track roller
Extending one end of the inner member into a shaft shape; so that the roller of the bearing cantilever device rolls the bearing.
Universal matching (rolling) bearing
When one or more sets of identical bearings are used together, it is possible to obtain a radial roll bearing that is pre-aligned with the characteristics of a pair or group of devices.

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