Refused to the appearance of the association's four strokes teach you how to choose the right toilet

Refuse to buy appearance association Four strokes teach you how to choose toilet correctly

So how can we buy a cheap toilet? Xiao Bian offers some precautions for purchase here, hoping to help you solve the confusion of toilet selection.

The first move: Observe the gloss of the toilet

For products with higher gloss, the higher the density, the easier it is to clean. This is because the quality of the porcelain is directly related to the life of the toilet. The higher the firing temperature, the more uniform the porcelain and the better the porcelain.

The second measure: see if the glaze is even

Consumers can ask the store whether the sewage outlets are glazing or even put their hands into the sewage outlets to see if there are glazed surfaces in the bay. The culprit behind the contamination is the poor glaze. Customers can use their hands to touch. Qualified glazed surfaces must be delicate. Consumers can be picky and touch the corners of the glazed corners (inner corners). If the glaze is thin, it will be uneven at the corners, and it will be exposed, and it will feel rough. ”

The third measure: Toilet flushing method

The cleanliness of the toilet flush is directly related to the way it flushes. At present, there are two types of flushing toilets in China: straight flush and siphon. The flush toilet uses the self-gravity of flushing when flushing to press the dirt out of the trap of the toilet bowl to achieve the discharge of sewage. The advantage is that the sewage discharge capacity is strong; while the siphon toilet uses the flushing pipe of the toilet when flushing. The siphon force generated in the system sucks dirt from the trap of the toilet bowl to achieve the purpose of sewage discharge. The advantage is that splashing water is avoided and the cylinder flushing effect is cleaner.

The fourth measure: Toilet water consumption

There are two ways to save water, one is the amount of water used for water conservation, and the other is to achieve water conservation through reuse of wastewater. Water-saving toilets, like ordinary toilets, must have the functions of saving water, maintaining cleansing, and transporting excretions. In the current market, products with water-saving slogans, but with unsatisfactory product technology and practical results, are not rare. When you need to pay special attention.

Xiao Bian reminds: When consumers buy a toilet, they need to know the pit distance (the distance between the center and the wall of the toilet drain pipe) in advance. A large number of products on the market are for 300mm and 400mm pit distances. Consumers need to buy a toilet. Provide this data to merchants to avoid mismatching models.

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