Safe Production Management: Definition and Connotation of Safety Culture

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Definition of safety culture

The broad security culture refers to the prevention, protection, and efficiency of human activities in all areas where human beings are engaged in production, life, and even survival in the process of human survival, reproduction, and development. To prevent, control, and eliminate accidents and disasters, and to establish a safe, reliable, harmonious, coordinated environment and a matching operating safety system, in order to make humans safer, more enjoyable and longevous, and to make the world more loving and peaceful. The sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by prosperity.

The narrow sense of safety culture is a comprehensive product of individual and collective values, attitudes, abilities, and behaviors. It can also be understood that corporate security culture is a unity of security values, attitudes, ethics, and behavioral norms that are shared by employees in organizations organized by organizations.

Safety culture is divided into three levels:

1. Intuitive surface culture, such as the company's safe and civilized production environment and order;


The middle-level culture of the enterprise safety management system, which includes the internal organizational structure, management network, division of labor, and safety production regulations and systems;


The deep culture of security ideology.

The corporate safety culture (commonly recognized in China) is gradually formed in the company's long-term safety production and business activities, or is consciously shaped to be accepted and followed by all employees, with corporate values ​​of safety values, safety ideas and awareness, and safety style And attitudes, safety management mechanisms and codes of conduct, safety production and struggle objectives, safety and comfortable production and living environment and conditions created to protect employees' physical and mental safety and health are the sum of corporate safety material factors and safety mental factors.

The content of safety culture is very rich.

mainly include:


Is a deep culture of safety concept;


Is a security system culture at the middle level;


It is a safe behavior culture and a safe material culture at the surface.

The connotation of safety culture

An enterprise's safety culture is the sum of ideas, behaviors, environments, and physical conditions that the company has gradually nurtured in the long-term safety production and business activities, has the characteristics of the company, is recognized and followed by all employees, and continues to innovate.

The corporate safety culture is a "people-oriented" multi-level complex consisting of safe material culture, safe behavior culture, safety system culture, and safe spiritual culture. Corporate culture is "people-oriented", promotes the "love" and "protection" of human beings, takes "spiritual management" as the center, forms on the basis of employees' safety and cultural qualities, and the safety values ​​and norms of safe behaviors of groups and enterprises. Employees' attitude and professionalism in safe production after being motivated.

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