Silicone Tube for Food and Medical Application

Model NO.: SI-238A
HS Code: 3917390000
Food and Medical grade Silicone/EPDM/Neoprene Hose/Tube:

(1). No taste, no toxicity, no contamination (environmental friendly)

(2). Resistant to high temperature, aging, radiation, cold, heat, Acid, Chemical

(3). Stand wear and tear, anti-sepsis, Soft, arc resistance, corona resistance

(4). Great pump accuracy and repeatability, nice Permeability

(5). Extended flexible life and reduced maintenance

5050 Red SMD LED

5050 Red Smd Led is deeply loved by their users because of the small size, the high brightness.

Meanwhile, 5050 RED SMD LED have the cooling copper at the bottom, which can make the product to get out of the heat in time.

It is often used in LED lighting, LED Lamps , LED backlight, LED panel lights, LED furniture, grow light LED, fill light LED, LED aperture and other lighting products.

In this catalog, we mainly introduce the 5050 red SMD LED of visible light. 2835 SMD LED, size is 3.0*3.6mm. For this red SMD LED, we can package with single chip 5050 SMD LED or 2 chips 5050 SMD LED, 3chips 5050 SMD LED and the power can be 0.1W 5050 red SMD LED, 0.06W 5050 red SMD LED, 0.2W 5050 red SMD LED, 0.5W 5050 red SMD LED, 0.6W 5050 red SMD LED, 0.8W 5050 red SMD LED, 1W 5050 red SMD LED, 3W 5050 red SMD LED and so on.

The voltage of the 5050 Red SMD LED is between 1.8-2.5V, but most of them are between 2.0-2.2V.

In addition, this 5050 red SMD LED have the angle like the through-hole LED so it belongs to the spotlight SMD LED. It have a len on the top of the SMD LED, which can make this 5050 SMD LED with angle like 30 degrees, 60 degrees.

5050 red LED

We supply kinds of 5050 SMD LED with different wavelength from 365nm to 1550nm, which include the visible LED and the invisible LED.
In this catalog, we mainly introduce the 5050 red SMD LED.

All of our product are meet with Reach, CE, RoSH, SGS, EN62471 standards and have 5 years warranty.

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