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Sliding bearing skill specification (2)

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3. Material GB/T 1174 1992 Casting bearing alloy GB/T 18326 2001 Metallic multilayer material for sliding bearing thin-walled sliding bearing JB/T 7921 1995 (formerly GB 10448 89) Casting copper alloy for sliding bearing single and multi-layer bearings JB/T 7922 1995 (formerly GB 10449 89) Casting copper alloy for sliding bearing single-layer bearing JB/T 7923 1995 (formerly GB 10450 89) Aluminum-based alloy for sliding bearing single-layer bearing JB/T 7924 1995 (formerly GB 10451 89 Sliding bearing thin-walled bearing metal multilayer material QC/T 516 1999 Automobile starter bushing tin-based and lead-based alloy metallographic specification IV. Product skill requirements GB/T 1151 1993 Internal combustion engine main bearing bush and connecting rod bearing bush skills GB/ T 2685 1981 Plain bearing powder metallurgy tubular bearing type, scale and public service GB/T 2686 1981 Sliding bearing powder metallurgy with ribbed tubular bearing type, scale and public service GB/T 2687-1981 Sliding bearing powder metallurgy spherical bearing type , scale and public service GB/T 2688 1981 sliding bearing powder metallurgy bearing skill conditions GB/T 3162 1991 sliding bearing thin-wall bearing bush scale, layout elements and public service GB/T 7308 1987 sliding bearing thin-walled flange bearing Standard, public service and inspection method GB/T 10445 1989 Shaft bearing shaft diameter of the whole bearing GB/T 10446 1989 Sliding bearing full round thrust washer scale and public service GB/T 10447 1989 Sliding bearing semi-circular thrust washer element and public Served GB/T 12613. 1 2002 Sliding bearing rolled bushings 1st: Size GB/T 12613. 2 2002 Sliding bearing rolled bushings 2nd: Detected data of outer diameter and inner diameter GB/T 12613. 3 2002 Sliding bearing rolled bushings are some 3: smooth oil holes, smooth oil grooves and smooth oil holes GB/T 12613. 4 2002 sliding bearing rolled bushings 4th: Information GB/T 12949 1991 sliding pumping covered with friction reduction Double-metal bushings for plastic layer GB/T 13345-1992 Rolling mill oil film bearing general skill conditions GB/T 14910 1994 Sliding bearing thick-walled multi-layer bearing backing skills requirements GB/T 18323 2001 Sliding bearing sintered bushings scale and public service GB/T 18324 2001 Plain bearing copper alloy bushings JB/T 2560 1991 Fully lined positive plain bearing housing type and dimensions JB/T 2561 1991 Split two-stud positive plain bearing housing type and dimension JB/T 2562 1991 Open four stud positive sliding shaft Bearing type and dimension JB/T 2563 1991 Folio type four stud inclined sliding bearing seat type and dimension JB/T 2564 1991 Sliding bearing seat skill condition JB/T 5985-1992 Sliding bearing water smooth thermosetting plastic bearing JB/T 9049 1999 Roll oil film bearing JB/T 9760-1999 Internal combustion engine full circle main bearing skill condition QC/T 280-1999 Automobile starter main shaft and connecting rod bearing skill conditions QC/T 282 1999 Automobile starter crankshaft thrust piece skill condition QC/ T 29031 1991 Automobile starter bushing plating skill conditions
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