Solid wood composite flooring product performance characteristics

(1) Environmental regulation: It can partially adjust the temperature and humidity in the room.

(2) Strong natural visual sense: The solid wood composite floor surface has beautiful natural texture, fine structure, rich and varied, and beautiful color.

(3) Comfortable foot feeling: The solid wood composite floor has appropriate elasticity, and the friction coefficient is moderate and easy to use.

(4) Good material, easy processing and recyclability: Wood is a renewable natural material, and it is the most sustainable green material among the four major materials in the world (steel, wood, plastic, cement). Three layers of solid wood composite flooring can be repainted and refurbished after being cut and removed.

(5) Good geothermal adaptability, multi-layer solid wood composite floor can be applied in geothermal heating environment, solving the problem of solid wood floor in geothermal heating environment.

(6) Strong stability: Due to the excellent structural characteristics of the solid wood composite floor, the stability of the floor is technically guaranteed.

(7) Construction and installation is more convenient: solid wood composite flooring usually has a large format and can be installed directly by a suspension method without adding a keel, thereby making installation quicker. The installation cost is greatly reduced, and the product quality accident caused by the use of the keel is avoided.

(8) Excellent environmental performance: Since the solid wood and environmental protection adhesive used in the solid wood composite floor are processed through advanced production technology, the environmental protection performance is good and meets the national environmental protection compulsory standards.

(9) Create a comfortable environment: good insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation and so on.

(10) More rich decorative performance: the solid wood composite floor surface is made of precious natural wood, with unique color and pattern, plus the surface structure design, the introduction of dyeing technology makes the decorative performance of the solid wood composite floor more colorful. .

(11) The comprehensive utilization rate of wood is greatly improved: the three-layer solid wood composite floor surface layer is only 2-4mm, and the high-quality wood is used. The base material is 11-13mm, which is basically fast-growing material, and more than 75% is fast-growing material, 25 The following are high-quality wood; multi-layer parquet, the surface layer is usually 0.3-2.0mm, the proportion of high-quality wood is less than 10%, more than 90% is fast-growing. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization rate of wood has been greatly improved, especially a large amount of high-quality wood has been saved, which is in line with the industrial policies of the state and the industry and is conducive to the sustainable development of the country.

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