Stainless steel insulation cup considerations

The weather turned cold and people began to use insulated cups. Today's cups are stainless steel, as long as they are insulated. The logo of 304 stainless steel is printed on the inside of the regular or branded insulation cup. When buying cups, whether it is to pay attention to the tightness of the cups or whether they are using food-grade plastic or food-grade silicone, the minimum standard for the stainless steel used on the inner wall of the flask is 304 stainless steel. This is for ourselves or One of the things that families must pay attention to when buying a mug. Recently, I helped my family to buy a cup. After the election, we also paid special attention to whether the inner wall of the cup is 304. So when we bought a stainless steel insulation cup is there nothing to be concerned about? In fact, the inner wall of the insulation cup 304 stainless steel material is also required, stainless steel insulation cup can not be long-term bloom juice, milk, carbonated drinks, Chinese medicine, acetic acid and some acidic fruit porridge cleaning do not use some acid-base detergents, Because they will corrode the inner wall of the insulation cup, precipitation of some heavy metal ions, but also undermine the insulation effect. So when you buy a cup of water, you must remember to look at the 304 logo. There are also cups to drink and you should pay attention to it. It will be healthier if you use it properly.

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