Storage of chemical fertilizers in summer requires "four defenses"

Anti-return metamorphic urea is easy to absorb moisture, causing loss of nitrogen volatilization; ammonium nitrate is highly hygroscopic, easy to agglomerate and deliquescent; lime nitrogen and superphosphate can easily agglomerate after moisture absorption, affecting the application effect. Therefore, these fertilizers should be stored in a dry, cool place, especially when the ammonium bicarbonate is stored, the package should be sealed firmly to avoid contact with air.

After the sun is exposed to high temperature or high temperature, the loss of nitrogen volatilization will be accelerated; ammonium nitrate will decompose and oxidize when exposed to high temperature, and will burn if it is in a fire. If it has been agglomerated, do not hit it with a hammer to prevent explosion. . Nitrogen fertilizers should be stored in the sun and smoke fires.

Anti-volatile loss of ammonia water, ammonium bicarbonate is extremely volatile loss, and should be sealed when stored. Nitrogen fertilizers and superphosphates are strictly prohibited from being mixed with alkaline substances (lime, grass ash, etc.) to prevent nitrogen fertilizer from volatilizing and phosphate fertilizer failure.

Corrosion-resistant and toxic super-calcium phosphate is corrosive and prevents contact with skin and metal utensils; ammonia water is highly corrosive to copper and iron and should be stored in ceramics, plastics and wooden containers. In addition, fertilizers cannot be stacked with seeds, and do not use fertilizer bags to hold seeds.

(Jia Youjiang, Agricultural Bureau of Yucheng County, Shandong Province)

Farmers Daily
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