Summer wallpaper should pay attention to the problem

Summer wallpaper should pay attention to the problem:

Note 1: Summer wallpaper wall treatment.

In summer, the temperature is high, the climate is dry, and the wall treatment must be smooth and clean. If there are bumps or cracks on the wall, use a blade to remove it, and use a putty to smooth it. After drying, sand it with sandpaper. For large-area wall treatment, it is best to use qualified water-resistant putty to make the wall more firm; for small areas such as filling, you can use gypsum powder and white latex to make up the seam. If the wall has been exposed to moisture, it is best to brush the base film after drying. (The base film must be a tempered base film. After the wall surface is treated with the wallpaper base film, the wall surface is stronger. It can form a dense protective layer on the wall surface to prevent moisture, moisture, alkaline substances, etc. in the wall surface. Extravasation, which acts as a mold, alkali and moisture proof for wallpaper or wall covering. It can effectively make wallpaper or wall cloth adhere to the wall better.)

If the wall side is a bathroom, the interior wall of the bathroom must be specially treated with water-proofing. Otherwise, the wall will be wet for a long time and the wallpaper glue will be invalidated.

It is recommended to brush the wall up to two times to varnish, to do wall protection and to protect against moisture. After drying, use a sandpaper to polish it gently. Never brush more oil. This will make the wall too smooth. The wallpaper is not stuck to the wall and shrinks during the drying process to create seams!

Note 2: Summer wallpaper should increase indoor air humidity

The relative humidity of the indoor air should be no more than 85%. Clean indoors, no dust, no debris. The temperature should not be lower than 5 degrees Celsius. Decisively avoid construction in wet seasons and wet walls. During construction, close the doors and windows during the day and night to prevent moisture from entering. The wallpaper that has just been attached to the wall prohibits the strong wind from blowing, which will affect the bonding fastness and extremely surface engineering.

Note 3: Summer wallpaper glue is also very important, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly rubber powder

In order to avoid injury in the “high-risk period” of summer decoration pollution, in addition to the use of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly rubber powder, please use a professional wallpaper construction unit, the viscosity of the rubber powder is strong, the viscosity is about 10000mpa, (the viscosity of ordinary rubber powder) In the 600mpa or so), it does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, and it is mixed with glue. It is convenient to construct, has remarkable environmental protection performance, and is extremely stable. Add more glue.

Note 4: After the summer wallpaper construction

Wallpapers are commonly used wall materials. In the spring, because the air is humid, in order to let the walls dry as soon as possible, the doors and windows are wide open and ventilated. Summer is different, because it is dry, so the wallpaper should be thicker before the paving, and then spread. If you want to open the doors and windows at this time, let the wallpapers that have just been paved blow "wearing the wind", the wallpaper will shrink and deform due to the rapid loss of water. The air conditioner is turned off and the over-winding and temperature changes are too large. Otherwise, the surface of the uniform drying surface is uneven, and the drum is cracked, the joint is cracked, the seam is unsealed, and the seam is curled. It is necessary to maintain ventilation for 36-48 hours after construction in summer, and 48-60 hours after construction in winter.

Note 5: Summer wallpaper maintenance

In summer, the temperature is high, the climate is dry, and the wall is relatively dry. Therefore, the glue sometimes absorbs a little faster, and the corners and corners are easy to open. This is normal. Please don't worry, this is within the scope of maintenance.

Oil Tubing

Oil Casing are pipes used in oil Wells for oil production, gas production, water injection and acid fracturing.

Tubing Pipe Feature:
Size: O.D. 1.900", 2-3/8", 2-7/8", 3-1/2", 4-1/2"
Grade: J55, K55,N80, L80, C90, T95, P110
Wall thickness: 3.18 - 10.54mm 
Length: R1,R2,R3
Thread: 8RD and 10RD
Standard: Accord with API SPEC 5CT
Tubing pipe accessories include: tubing nipple, tubing coupling.


   EUE TUBING     eue tubing  

                             EUE oil tubing                                                     NUE oiltubing

Tubing specification:

N80 casingJ55/K55 oil casing


Packaging Details

Plastic caps on both ends, Steel bundle, Woven bag or acc. to customers' request.

Delivery Time

15 days after receiving deposit


If you have any questions, please contact with us directly and welcome you can visit our factory.

Oil Tubing

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