Teach you how to crack the kitchen decoration wall surface difficult problem

Problem 1: Wall oil is difficult to remove

Cracking method: Generally speaking, kitchen wall tiles are suitable for selecting bright glazed tiles, because such bricks are not easy to suck oil, and it is convenient to clean. In addition, the gap between bricks and bricks should not be too large, which will also help in the future cleaning and maintenance. If you choose antique bricks for seaming, after filling the grout and waiting for it to dry out, you need to apply a special sealant (or clear paint) with a brush to paint the surface of the grout in the gap. Form a protective layer of the grout to avoid future contamination and erosion by soot.

Problem 2: the ground is slippery and stagnant

Cracking method: Pay attention to two aspects when choosing kitchen floor tiles: First, the anti-slip property of the floor tiles should be strong. It is best to choose bricks with slight unevenness or anti-slip treatment; second, the floor tiles should not exceed 350cm×350cm, otherwise Inconvenient to handle, it is easy to accumulate water in use in the future.

Problem 3: Tiles are thermally expanded

Cracking method: Tile paving plays an important role in whether it will expand and crack in the future. Typically, kitchen wall tiles are wet laid and floor tiles are dry laid. The standard paving procedure for wall tiles is: base layer cleaning treatment - smearing the bottom ash - selecting bricks - soaking - arranging bricks - elastic lines - pasting standard points - pasting tiles - jointing and wiping - cleaning .

It is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that the wall tiles must be soaked for more than two hours before being pasted. The bricks are not subject to blisters, and then taken out and dried for use. Sticking should be from bottom to top, leaving a gap of about 1 mm between the brick and the brick to prevent expansion.  

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