Technical properties of sintered ordinary bricks

(1) Basic physical properties The standard external dimensions of sintered ordinary bricks are 240*115*53 mm, plus 10 mm masonry crevices, 4 bricks or 8 bricks wide, and 16 bricks are 1 m thick. 1 cubic meter of masonry requires 512 bricks.

(2) Appearance quality The appearance quality of bricks mainly requires six dimensions such as height difference, bending, impurity protrusion height, missing corner size, crack length and complete surface to meet the specifications.

(3) Anti-weathering performance Anti-weathering performance refers to the ability of bricks to resist damage under the combined conditions of wind, rain, freezing and thawing for a long time. Any sintered product with small opening porosity and small water saturation coefficient has strong weather resistance.

(4) Pan-frost and lime burst frost is a salt-dissolving phenomenon in the use of bricks. Excess soluble salt in the brick is dissolved by moisture and then migrates to the surface of the brick as the water evaporates, and crystallizes out under supersaturation, causing the surface of the brick to appear as a white deposit or to expand, so that the brick surface and the mortar surface layer are peeled off. For classy bricks, no frost is allowed, and qualified bricks should not be heavily frosted. Lime bursting refers to the phenomenon that the brick body is covered with lime blocks, and the moisture absorption and ripening cause expansion and burst. For superior bricks, bursting areas with a maximum damage size greater than 2 mm are not allowed; for qualified bricks, bursting areas with a size greater than 15 mm are not allowed.

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