The key to the selection of smooth grease for the bearing

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The key to the selection of smooth grease for the bearing

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Tips for using smooth grease for bearings:
Anti-rust function The grease used in the bearing must have anti-rust effect; the anti-rust agent is the most insoluble in water. The grease should have excellent adhesion to form an oil film on the steel surface; even if the grease is filled with water, it can be maintained. .
Mechanical stability grease will become soft during machining; cause leakage. When there is oscillation, for example, the grease will be pulled from the bearing housing into the bearing. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not good; the grease will be thrown out of the bearing continuously; Will cause the mechanical layout of the soap to disintegrate and damage the grease.
Oil seal oil seals are necessary to protect bearings and smoothing agents to prevent external pollution; no matter whether debris or moisture can enter the bearing; to prevent damage. Proper device protection is an important factor in promoting the longest service life of bearings. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the bearing; correct the selection of the bearing and choose the appropriate device and protection. The bearing needs to prevent contamination by pollutants and moisture; it is necessary to have the correct device and smooth. The bearing is marked with the oil seal. The situation, the type of smoothing agent and the smooth cycle; so that special protection plays an important role.
Mix the grease and never mix the incompatible grease; if the two incompatible greases are mixed; the general consistency will become soft; eventually it will be damaged due to the simple loss of the grease. If you don't know the bearing originally used that kind of slip Grease; first remove the old grease in the bearing table;
The classification of greases is based on temperature and operating conditions: greases can be classified according to their allowable operating temperatures; the consistency and smoothness of grease can be affected by operating temperatures; bearings operating at a certain temperature must be selected at the same temperature. Grease with the correct consistency and outstanding smoothness. Grease is made on a different operating temperature scale; it can be distinguished as low temperature (LT), medium temperature (MT) and high temperature (HT) grease. There is a type of grease called EP. (kneading resistance) or EM (kneading and adding molybdenum disulfide); adding an additive to enhance the strength of the smooth oil film.
If you choose a grease, if you choose the grease, then all the measures to prevent the damage of the bearing are in vain. It is very important to choose a kind of grease whose base oil viscosity can supply the smoothing effect at the working temperature; the viscosity is mainly affected by the temperature; It rises as the temperature rises; it rises as the temperature decreases. It is therefore necessary to know the viscosity of the base oil at the operating temperature; mechanical producers generally specify the use of certain oils; most standard greases can be used on a very large scale. .
Here are a few important factors in choosing a grease:
●Mechanical types ●Operation conditions; such as oscillation and the direction of the main shaft are horizontal or straight ● Bearing type and size ● Operating temperature ● Cooling situation ● Working load situation ● Sealing effect ● Speed ​​scale ● Peripheral environment machinery and equipment should be carried forward to the best situation It is necessary for the bearing to get the correct centering work and to prevent extremely high temperature, humidity and pollution.
Proper smoothing and maintenance solutions; and bearing condition monitoring is the key to carrying out the maximum life of the bearing. When the bearing is damaged, it can cause unintended equipment to stop. Even if it is an hour of stop; because the early failure of the bearing can form a grand Loss of production. To ensure the safe operation of the equipment; in addition to relying on high-quality bearings; also pay attention to the operating environment, correct equipment and timing protection.
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