The latest domestic polycrystalline diamond composite chamfering machine Zhengzhou came out

It is reported that in early October, the latest MDJ250-01 polycrystalline diamond composite chamfering machine was introduced in Zhengzhou. The first chamfering machine has been tested by customers.
At present, the composite chamfering process of the domestic superhard materials industry is still relatively backward, the uniformity is not good, mostly manual operation, high consumption, low efficiency, and some equipments transformed by the enterprise itself, but the reliability is not satisfactory. High processing costs. The traditional process clamping is also very complicated and complicated, the labor intensity is large, the clamping time is long, the cutting surface of the grinding wheel is not uniform, the consumption is large, and the utilization rate is low. MDJ250-01 polycrystalline diamond composite chamfering machine adopts automatic and manual processing methods with high efficiency and good uniformity. The overall consumption of the grinding wheel is even, especially in terms of machine adjustment. It is very convenient to adjust the thickness. It only needs to change the pad on the track to avoid the work of the reloading fixture which was completed for a long time. Series product specifications. It greatly improves the production efficiency, adapts to customers' various specifications, and can also process semi-circular chamfers and straight chamfers.
The invention is mainly directed to the grinding chamfer of a short cylinder, and belongs to the utility model invention. Its advent is the PCD composite sheet manufacturer, which greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, and has a high cost performance.

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